The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

How does Quantum-Touch Work for a Specific Condition?



I am writing to share with you my Quantum-Touch treatment for my mom in Hong Kong.Within just 2 treatments with less than 2 hrs. only, my mom can stand still and can walk for 10 steps without relying on any equipment this has never been possible in the past 2-3 years!... Read More >


On one crazily hot London night in July I was destined to meet an amazing lady called Gulrukh Khan who has since become a fast friend and also an amazing inspiration.Gul attended my Quantum-Touch energy healing demonstration in central London and we had an instant connection. After spending time together giving her several powerful sessions of QT and talking as if we had known... Read More >


According to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association, Fibromyalgia affects over 6 million Americans, 90% of them women between the ages of 20 and 55. Because it's symptoms are so general, Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose and often brings to mind other medical disorders. Laboratory and X-Ray results routinely come back showing no abnormalities. Common symptoms are headaches, chronic fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, depression, insomnia and mood swings. The cause of this... Read More >


Among the wide range of conditions helped by Quantum-Touch, many people are discovering how effective it is when working with burns. Frankly, I resisted publishing these letters for fear that people would simply not believe that such healing is possible, so I asked and obtained permission to also publish the personal contact information of the people who wrote them. For burn relief and rapid healing whether from sunburn or something more severe, Quantum-Touch can work wonders... Read More >


For some reason this week, my whole family has been burned at least once. I put my hand on a hot cigarette as I was getting up off of a box that I was sitting on outside. OOOUUUCH! It hurt! I immediately started running energy into it and it began to burn even worse. It then got better after about 15 minutes, and never blistered.I told my kids what I had done. Coincidentally, one by one, they each got burned. My 11yr old was baking cookies, and burned herself on the oven rack (YOW!). She ran it under cold water and then used QT on herself until walla - no burn... Read More >


Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch does a monthly Group Healing and Q & A call for the community. This is a great chance to get all of your questions answered and connect.Listen to this hour long call and learn the answers to the questions below!Click Here To Listen(Please note these questions were taken directly from the Q & A section of the call.)... Read More >


Daily Quantum-Touch treatments speed up recovery.Recently a family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, essentially a death sentence. Without any treatment, he would be dead in 8-9 months. With chemotherapy, the life expectancy is ~18 months. Only 20% of patients with pancreatic cancer can have a surgical resection called a Whipple, which is the category my family member found himself. A Whipple... Read More >


Who else can you be with the Quantum-Touch factor and potential animal friends? I am sure that the news is already in sync for some but I am inspired to help someone out there remember this, or to try it out and embark on the thrill of another journey. Tag! You're it!This may sound cliché but Quantum-Touch Level I was a gift to me in more ways than one. I thought I was getting involved for more personal healing, learning to offer self-healing to others, etc. with a... Read More >


A spiritual warrior is one who walks in harmony with the divine power of the universe, leading from the heart and illuminating the shadow on our return journey to universal oneness. Yet so many of us have energetic blockages and shadow material that keep us from living our creative and psychic potential... Read More >


This grandchild was one of the main reasons that I was interested in Quantum-Touch.The week before my second Level I class, my son and his wife made a surprise trip to visit me in Chicago. They live in Cape Town, South Africa. They brought the middle baby with them; she happened to be celebrating her 2nd birthday while here. While taking my second Level I class, I stopped by their hotel nightly and sent them distant QT... Read More >


Where Miracles can Manifest!I am blessed to be a part of the Miracles of Manifesting Dreams (QT Level 2) and Energy Healing (QT Level 1) of so many Souls who have been guided to my workshops.One of my clients Teresa was diagnosed with MS many years ago and has been in chair or scooter unable to walk on her own... Read More >


The highest frequency in the universe is love, which makes it a powerful tool for healing. Relying on infulencing the universal life force energy that flows around and through all of us, research pioneer Richard Gordon developed Quantum-Touch healing. In his interview with Regina Meredith, which will be webcast on July 10th, 2013, Gordon will discuss how he uses the power of love, focus and intention to help heal individuals, and how we all have the ability to perform this healing modality... Read More >


I started Quantum-Touch a few years ago. I always use energy healing on my husband and children.At work today, the lady who owns a store next to mine came over, she didn't look too well and she knows I believe in energy healing, so she asked if I would put my hands on her neck because her pain was so intense. She's had a headache for 2 months and yesterday she almost past out from the pain. ... Read More >


I am getting better at doing things where I feel my happiest. Honestly, it has felt to be a lot harder than it sounds.  For sake of illustration, I will remain on this perspective. That is, the cliché, do what makes your heart sing, fulfills you, and makes you happy, etc... when I go to do that intention, I have felt quite the energetic yanking. In the professional environment, it does not show up because I am already living the joy of being a practitioner and I flow with it... Read More >


Welcome!Our mission here at Quantum-Touch is to help people to live happier, healthier lives using energy medicine. We hold the vision of a day when healing becomes a universal skill, and the level of pain and suffering on the planet is reduced to a small fraction of what we see today. In the past, healing brought families closer together and we foresee a day when the family of humankind can draw closer through the innate and universal power of loving each other with the use of healing energy... Read More >


Quantum-Touch is known for its simple, effective techniques that empower people and change their lives. Sometimes, it almost seems too simple to really grasp its profundity...until you actually apply the work. Only then, do you experience the true depth and power of these healing techniques!This letter was written to Karina Grant, by one of her students who attended the Self Created Health workshop. This is truly groundbreaking work... Read More >


1) I love that anyone can do this work with astonishing results, right away.2) I love how it encourages us to nurture each other in important ways.3) I love how Quantum-Touch helps me to see the spark of the Divine in everyone, no matter how badly they may have acted in their life.4) I love that QT has made me a better person, more positive, more caring, a better steward of others.5) I love that QT provides an easy and highly effective way to help heal old wounds, new wounds, traumas, and more... Read More >


I have an amazing story to tell.We have Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Quantum-Touch Level 2 classes in Shanghai these few days. We planned to arrive in Shanghai 2 days earlier so that we can relax ourselves.The weather report shows cloudy and rain from March 28 to 30, well, as Mr. Gorden said; there is always a sun above the cloud... Read More >


Back in April 2012, we began receiving letters from several women incarcerated at the Seattle Washington Federal Detention Center.   Each of them had begun receiving Quantum-Touch sessions from another female inmate in the prison and each of them had experienced miraculous healing! They were now requesting a copy of the Richards book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal to learn Quantum-Touch for themselves!... Read More >


To Whom It May ConcernI first visited Johanna van Reenen for Quantum-Touch healing in 2011 after she had been recommended by two much respected colleagues. The nature of this ˜energy healing is still not fully understood (by either myself or the numerous friends and colleagues I have since recommended it to) yet it is undoubtedly one of the most successful healing experiences I have encountered (I am now 50)... Read More >


I am so grateful to come through on the page for you. You, the pathfinder to Quantum-Touch experiences, are in the process of receiving literal acknowledgments from a smiling universe. It is all perception, is it not?My beginnings with Quantum-Touch were incremental yet at the pace I needed to unfold with... Read More >


Hi Richard and JenniferI created a new Quantum-Touch technique today that I am calling "Zip Lining".  When somebody tells me of a long standing condition I begin offering them QT in the present moment, then intend the QT back to the time before the condition.  Then I imagine zipping back and forth in time while either doing QT Level I or II.  So far the effect is amazing.  It's like erasing the current condition and its root AND every moment in between.Here's another new technique:  I call this one "Chakra Aligning". ... Read More >


I was doing the session in a room where I could see the ocean on one side and trees on another side. When I started the session the client soon fell asleep, I continued to work on her and found as I did so, there was a point where I too became sleepy. Given that sleep was not an option for me at this moment, I thought about how I could go about further increasing my energy using what I had... Read More >


I first visited Johanna Van Reenen for Quantum-Touch healing in 2011 after she had been recommended by two much respected colleagues. The nature of this "Energy Healing" is still not fully understood (by either myself or the numerous friends and colleagues I have since recommended it to) yet it is undoubtedly one of the most successful healing experiences I have encountered (I am now 50). In the past I have used (for various physical and emotional concerns and with various levels of success) physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, Chi Kung (I maintain this practice), meditation, exercise (swimming, walking, cycling) and massage... Read More >


In the beginning¦. there was a pinpoint of energy that exploded in what scientists call The Big Bang.Now, 14 billion years later, there are stars and planets and black holes and the vast variety of what we call life: from single-celled microbes to the sentient beings known as humans.How did all of this happen? How did pure energy transform into stuff and life and us? ... Read More >


Saturday, two other QT healers and I went on a wilderness survival workshop in a rehelp othersmote state park. Ten miles away from any real road, one young man in the group had an allergic reaction to an herb we were handling for our rope-making lesson. We watched as he got a little sick and then a little pale and I said to Dorothy and Lori, "Let's go"... Read More >


I am an Interventional Cardiologist”the type of physician that provides stints and other procedures for people who have had heart attacks or other heart problems.  So”you wonder”what is a Cardiologist doing learning Quantum-Touch and other energy medicine techniques.  Actually, quite a lot... Read More >


Allie first came to me at age 14, and had scoliosis. The doctor had fitted her with a brace she was to wear at night, and was discussing corrective surgery with her and her mother, J. Allie's spine straightened out very quickly on my table, in less than 30 seconds. This is normally what I see with back issues; I get the person very relaxed with massage, and then immobilize the muscles with one hand while briskly rubbing the muscles on the side of the spine that is "off" with the other. This heats up the muscles very quickly, and then, while I am still rubbing, start Quantum-Touch. I suppose I am too impatient to just run the energy, but this method works well. Allie felt very good, and J was pleased... Read More >


 The story of Ms. Cheng, a lady suffering from terminal lung cancer and brain tumor... Read More >


A couple of months after the QT Level 2 workshop in L.A. last September, I was doing an evening distance session for a friend. I had been doing several healing sessions most days for the past 8-9 months. As the session progressed I noticed that there was quite a bit more energy flowing today, so I invited the spirit bodies of people I knew (either as friends or previous clients) to join us... Read More >


Write-Up From Conscious Talk RadioIn a groundbreaking new method of hands-on healing called Quantum-Touch, ordinary people can learn to focus and amplify the energy that naturally flows through their hands. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph. D., respected author, neurosurgeon and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, writes - Quantum-Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers... Read More >


Ive said it before and I will say it again, I love Quantum-Touch.Driving down my road a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon my neighbor and her children out for an evening stroll enjoying the lovely spring weather.  Although I was in a bit of a time crunch as I had to pick my daughter up, I stopped to say hello as I hadnt seen her much over the winter.As we chatted and caught up briefly, she told me about how she had been having some discomfort with her back, she told me that she had been to see a couple of different healthcare people and, although, it helped she was still having some concerns... Read More >


After learning the video workshop I tried the method on almost every pain or disease “ just in case it worked. The miracles were surprising (of course). Then I decided that if so “ I'll touch my grandson's head who suffered from ADD and a problem of much too much over-talking in class and found himself more than wished “ involve in disturbances and punishments... Read More >


I thought you would be interested in what happened for me. My grandson was to have two wisdom teeth out plus one of his second teeth had grown along the gum and also had to come out. As soon as the operation was over I started sending energy to help him heal while I was there to see him. But the family lives some 500 miles away, so I had to revert to distant healing. After two weeks my grandson had to have a checkup to see that everything was good. The dentist could not get over how well it had healed and she said it looks like it usually looks after at least a month. I stopped sending distant healing when my daughter said he was back eating properly,... Read More >


Dear Jennifer, I wanted to share my thoughts and notes on Richard Gordon's new book The New Human as well my own experiences with Quantum-Touch Level II. The New Human In my view the book is a brilliant piece of writing; congratulations to Richard and the co-authors.  Its clear, mind-provoking and easy to read.  Its comprehensive yet open. Not like: ˜every word conveys the final truth, period.  I like the playful style, leaving plenty of room for discovery and experimentation by the readers. Obviously I like the content: I love Quantum-Touch Level II. I loved it from day 1, when I attended Richards workshop in New Jersey in 2010. For me as an instructor the book is very helpful. Even though I like to think I got it all pretty well together in the courses, I will be able to teach with even more confidence now that we have the book as a back-up. The students will be very pleased too. It was often among the first questions in QT workshops:  When will there be a book on QT2?... Read More >


I wanted to share how I'm feeling since the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop. I feel fabulous! My energy level has suddenly been restored - I scraped the ceiling in my bedroom closet and gave the whole closet two coats of paint this weekend. I started renovations on my bathrooms which meant loads of running around choosing materials, moving everything out of my closet and one bathroom in readiness for the contractor... Read More >


About a month ago I knocked the back of my head quite hard.  It felt like it needed to crack back into place.  I lived with it, as we tend to do. However, the headaches were becoming annoying and I found I wasn't sleeping well.  One night I decided to run energy to my entire head and neck area with the intention of re-aligning the sphenoid and occiput. I fell into a meditative state and focused on my head.  I felt it numb... Read More >


So here is my testimony. On 17/4/2011 when I got home after my first Quantum-Touch Level I Workshop with Bia de Castro Oliveira, I wanted to call a colleague who has been fighting for 10 years in treating the after effects of a stroke. She has one side nearly paralyzed and walks with a cane. She receives treatment in a big Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil (needs to take applications of Botox in the arm and leg, and care for heart and hypertension etc.) and physiotherapy... Read More >


As a Cardiologist I was recently summoned to take care of a gentleman having a heart attack. While I was racing through the streets to the hospital, I started using techniques that I had learned in Quantum-Touch classes I had taken with Carol Lee, a QT Instructor, Level 1 and 2 based in Texas. I was focused on getting this man's artery to open up before I got to the hospital... Read More >


I do a daily morning 12 color meditation for my immediate family, and that now includes my pets and my kids' pets (grand puppies and grand kitties because no grandchildren yet). I want to keep everyone in good health and good emotional and spiritual balance, even the animals. But here's my story - Last December, my 10-year old Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi, woke me up at about 2:30 AM with his labored breathing - it was very fast and shallow. He had acted strangely the day before, so this was alarming... Read More >


Quantum-Touch Level II has transformed my work as a massage therapist.  It is now easier to work in two places at once. I can be massaging in one area and 'looking' at another. More usually I am working deeper into the body while holding a Myofascial Release stretch or a Craniosacral hold. My work is so much better! Thank You... Read More >


My story begins about seven years ago when my Uncle Richard had prostate cancer. My Aunt purchased a book called Quantum-Touch The Power To Heal (Revised Edition 2002). I am really not sure that she ever read the book but gave it to me and I have carried it around for ten years now. Sometimes I would pick it up and read a few chapters not really taking it to heart until now. I found the website in May of this year and something inside drew me to it.   I downloaded the book to my e-reader and began to read how you can use a practice that has made wonderful changes in my life... Read More >


Since 2005 we have been fascinated by Quantum-Touch. Our lives have changed by knowing, using and teaching Quantum-Touch. At least every day there is someone who is happy to receive a QT energy healing session. With Quantum-Touch Level II it is even more integrated in every minute of the day. Many people who have learned Quantum-Touch integrate it in their daily lives or in their professional practice. We have found many people also became instructors or integrate Quantum-Touch with other modalities... Read More >


I was born in Taiwan.  At the age of two I was infected by polio virus.  As the results of the polio infection, I am paralyzed from the waist down, have scoliosis, and have to wear a back brace for the rest of my life. After the age of 40 many polio survivors start to experience post-polio syndrome -- chronic muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle atrophy, constant pain from joint degeneration, and increasing skeletal deformities from scoliosis.  About 80% of my polio friends are suffering from post-polio syndrome. They complained that no doctor could help them, and rehab was useless or made worse.  Since there is no traditional medical solution, I started to look for alternative solutions... Read More >


A couple of months after the Quantum-Touch Level II workshop in LA last September, I was doing an evening distance healing session for a friend. I had been doing several healing sessions most days for the past 8-9 months. As the session progressed I noticed that there was quite a bit more energy flowing today, so I invited the spirit bodies of people I knew (either as friends or previous clients) to join us... Read More >


Amazing developments are occurring in Texas. Over the last four years I have watched students of Quantum-Touch blossom in ways I only dreamed might be possible. Charlotte and Michael, a married couple from Taiwan originally, are a wonderful example of the miracles that come from teaching this incredible energy-based healing modality. This couple went from being introduced to QT in May 2012 to participating in a very large holistic fair in Dallas, Texas in January 2013. Over the course of seven months, they found a new career path, developed their skills and manifested a venue for offering their love and service... Read More >


Learning Level 2 concepts has given my demonstrations and Quantum-Touch practice a real boost. I now routinely adjust clients' sphenoid bones in treatment sessions and I adjust the sphenoid bones of whole groups of people when I give demonstrations. I was recently at a body-mind-spirit meet-up hosted by a psychic medium... Read More >


As a Quantum-Touch level II trainer I sometimes join our students when they are exercising during a QTII workshop. I worked with one of the students with the 10 chakra "Essence and Energy" exercise. One of my biggest wishes was to study psychology, for years I was trying to start, I could make time for it, I had the money to do it, there was a special University for people like me, who couldn't study full time...but I never started, withdrawn by all kinds of ideas, old trauma's etc... Read More >