The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

How does Quantum-Touch Work for a Specific Condition?



I used Quantum-Touch to heal a friend living in San Francisco. I live in Portland, Oregon. I did this in 1995 and had no idea how I did it. I was meditating and sending energy her way to help her with her type 2 diabetes. I meditated for around 45 minutes picturing her being well and happy in my mind. A week later, she called... Read More >


Recently, my husband Russ and I were present at a lighthouse festival where he was one of the musical performers. After his performance, we were seated at our booth where Russ sold his music cd’s and I was selling copies of my book and distributing information about Quantum-Touch. Among the attendees of the festival were two women, sisters in their late 30s. As they walked by our table, I admired the t-shirt ... Read More >


During my Quantum-Touch journey, I have experienced some truly amazing things both on a personal and interpersonal nature. I am a different and better person today because I am loving myself more and more and I have Richard Gordon to thank for that as well as every person I have encountered on my healing quest... Read More >


Among the wide range of conditions helped by Quantum-Touch, many people are discovering how effective it is when working with burns. Below are the stories of people who have experienced this amazing phenomenon. I once burned my hand while cooking in the kitchen. It was a second-degree burn, with a blister in the middle (you can see it in the first photo). I immediately began to run energy... Read More >


For some reason this week, my whole family has been burned at least once. I put my hand on a hot cigarette as I was getting up off of a box that I was sitting on outside. OOOUUUCH! It hurt! I immediately started running energy into it and it began to burn even worse. It then got better after about 15 minutes, and never blistered. I told my kids what I had done. Coincidentally, one by one, they each got burned... Read More >


Recently, a family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, essentially a death sentence. Without any treatment, he would be dead in 8-9 months. With chemotherapy, the life expectancy is 18 months. Only 20% of patients with pancreatic cancer can have a surgical resection called a Whipple, which is the category my family member found himself. A Whipple is a ... Read More >


This may sound cliche but Quantum-Touch Level I was a gift to me in more ways than one. I thought I was getting involved for more personal healing, learning to offer self-healing to others, etc. with a set of circumstances and self-fulfilled solutions. Instead, I acquired the Quantum Touch factor that showed up in my everyday living experiences with humor and universal charm. It took me a while to put the pieces together. New avenues to connect showed up, where as I normally would have remained more reserved. I learned there was even more to express outside of my future practitioner expectations. ... Read More >


My granddaughter was one of the main reasons that I was interested in Quantum-Touch, as she had issues with her legs. They turned the wrong way. I had been sending her Quantum-Touch energy daily since mid-March after taking my first Level 1 class. The week before my second Level 1 class, my son and his wife made a surprise trip to visit me in Chicago. They live in Cape Town, South Africa. They brought my granddaughter with them; she happened to be celebrating... Read More >


I am blessed to be a part of the miracles of manifesting dreams (Quantum-Touch Level 2) and Energy Healing (Quantum-Touch Level 1) of so many souls who have been guided to these workshops. One of my clients Teresa was diagnosed with MS many years ago and has been in chair or scooter unable to walk on her own. Her vision, determination, positive thinking and connection ... Read More >


I started Quantum-Touch a few years ago. I always use energy healing on my husband and children. At work today, the lady who owns a store next to mine, came over. She didn't look too well and she knows I believe in energy healing, so she asked if I would put my hands on her neck because her pain was so intense... Read More >


Quantum-Touch is known for its simple, effective techniques that empower people and change their lives. Sometimes, it almost seems too simple to really grasp its profundity until you actually apply the work. Only then, do you experience the true depth and power of these healing techniques! This letter was written to me by one of my students who attended a Self Created Health workshop. This is truly groundbreaking work... Read More >


1) I love that anyone can do this work with astonishing results, right away. 2) I love how it encourages us to nurture each other in important ways. 3) I love how Quantum-Touch helps me to see the spark of the Divine in everyone, no matter how badly they may have acted in their life. 4) I love that Quantum-Touch has made me a better person... Read More >


Back in April 2012, we began receiving letters from several women incarcerated at the Seattle Washington Federal Detention Center.  Each of them had begun receiving Quantum-Touch sessions from another female inmate in the prison and each of them had experienced miraculous healing! They were now requesting a copy of the Richards book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal to learn Quantum-Touch for themselves... Read More >


I first visited Johanna van Reenen for Quantum-Touch healing in 2011, after she had been recommended by two respected colleagues. The nature of this energy healing is still not fully understood (by either myself or the numerous friends and colleagues I have since recommended it to) yet it is undoubtedly one of the most successful ... Read More >


I am so grateful to come through on the page for you. You, the pathfinder to Quantum-Touch experiences, are in the process of receiving literal acknowledgments from a smiling universe. It is all perception, is it not? My beginnings with Quantum-Touch were incremental yet at the pace I needed to unfold with.  To some it would be perceived as successful and quick, to others; dated,  slow and coincidental. For a while, I behaved like a scared rabbit, regardless of having... Read More >


I created a new Quantum-Touch technique today that I am calling "Zip Lining.” When somebody tells me of a long-standing condition, I begin offering them Quantum-Touch in the present moment, then intend the Quantum-Touch back to the time before the condition. I imagine zipping back and forth in time while either doing Quantum-Touch Level 1 or 2. So far, the effect is amazing... Read More >


I was doing the session in a room where I could see the ocean on one side and trees on another side. When I started the session, the client soon fell asleep. I continued to work on her and found as I did so, there was a point where I too became sleepy. Given that sleep was not an option for me at this moment, I thought about how I could go about further increasing my energy using what I had learned and given what I had... Read More >


Saturday, two other Quantum-Touch healers and I went on a wilderness survival workshop in a remote state park. Ten miles away from any real road, one young man in the group had an allergic reaction to an herb we were handling for our rope-making lesson. We watched as he got a little sick and then a little pale and I said to Dorothy and Lori, "Let’s go!" I got to him first... Read More >


I am an Interventional Cardiologist, the type of physician that provides stints and other procedures for people who have had heart attacks or other heart problems.  So, you might wonder, what is a Cardiologist doing learning Quantum-Touch and other energy medicine techniques? Actually, quite a lot... Read More >


Allie first came to me at age fourteen, and had scoliosis.  The doctor had fitted her with a brace, she was to wear at night, and was discussing corrective surgery with her and her mother, J. Allie's spine straightened out very quickly on my table, in under 30 seconds. This is normally what I see with back issues: I get the person very relaxed with massage. I then immobilize the muscles with one hand... Read More >


In a groundbreaking new method of hands-on healing called Quantum-Touch, ordinary people can learn to focus and amplify the energy that naturally flows through their hands. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph. D., respected author, neurosurgeon and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, writes... Read More >


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Quantum-Touch! Driving down my road a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon my neighbor and her children out for an evening stroll enjoying the lovely spring weather. Although, I was in a bit of a time crunch as I had to pick my daughter up, I stopped to say hello... Read More >


After learning the video workshop, I tried the method on almost every pain or disease just in case it worked. The miracles were surprising (of course). Then I decided that if so, I'll touch my grandson's head who suffered from ADHD and a problem of much too much over-talking in class and found himself, more than wished, involved in disturbances and punishments... Read More >


I thought you would be interested in what happened for me. My grandson was to have two wisdom teeth out, plus one of his second teeth had grown along the gum and also had to come out. As soon as the operation was over, I started sending energy to help him heal while I was there to see him. The family lives some 500 miles away, so I continued with distance healing. After two weeks, my grandson... Read More >


I wanted to share how I'm feeling since the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop. I feel fabulous! My energy level has suddenly been restored - I scraped the ceiling in my bedroom closet and gave the whole closet two coats of paint this weekend. I started renovations on my bathrooms which meant loads of running around choosing materials, moving everything out of my closet and one bathroom... Read More >


I read a great book over the December period, Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu. The following short story is offered in the introduction. Every chapter is built around this remarkable tale. I wanted to share this with you because there are many... Read More >


About a month ago, I knocked the back of my head quite hard. It felt like it needed to crack back into place but I lived with it. However, the headaches were becoming annoying and I found I wasn't sleeping well. One night, I decided to run energy to my entire head and neck area with the intention of re-aligning the sphenoid and occiput. I fell into a meditative state and focused on my head. It felt numb. ... Read More >


On April 17, 2011, when I got home after my first Quantum-Touch Workshop with Bia de Castro Oliveira, I made a note to call a colleague who had been fighting for ten years in treating the after effects of a stroke. She is nearly paralyzed on one side and walks with a cane. She receives treatment in a big hospital in São Paulo, Brazil and physiotherapy. Lately, she has had a lot of pain in the good arm ... Read More >


As a Cardiologist, I was recently summoned to take care of a gentleman having a heart attack. While I was racing through the streets to the hospital, I started using techniques that I had learned in Quantum-Touch classes that I had taken with Carol Lee. I was focused on getting this man's artery to open up before I got to the hospital. Once there, I asked the man questions about his pain level at its worst and at the present time... Read More >


I do a daily morning 12 colors meditation for my immediate family, and that now includes my pets and my kids' pets (grand puppies and grand kitties because no grandchildren yet). I want to keep everyone in good health and good emotional and spiritual balance, even the animals. Last December, my 10-year old Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi, woke me up at about 2:30 AM with his labored breathing... Read More >


Quantum-Touch Level 2 has transformed my work as a massage therapist. It is now easier to work in two places at once. I can be massaging in one area and "looking" at another. Usually, I am working deeper into the body while holding a Myofascial Release stretch or a CranioSacral hold. My work is so much better! Thank You! I was also able to successfully use Quantum-Touch energy healing techniques to help a client with a migraine on the way. Her vision was already starting... Read More >


Quantum-Touch does more than releasing physical pain or easing disease. It is also a powerful tool in healing emotional pain, inner child, life-time trauma, and spiritual blockages. Through our practice we realize all the physical pains and diseases have layers and it is important to find a release at the core level. At the age of two, I was infected by polio virus. As the result of the polio infection, I have been paralyzed from the waist down, have scoliosis, and have to wear a back brace. My husband was also infected by polio virus at six months old... Read More >


Amazing developments are occurring in Texas. Over the last four years, I have watched students of Quantum-Touch blossom in ways I only dreamed might be possible. Charlotte and Michael, a married couple from Taiwan originally, are a wonderful example of the miracles that come from teaching this incredible energy-based healing modality. This couple went from being introduced to Quantum-Touch in May 2012 to participating in a very large holistic fair in Dallas, Texas in January 2013. Over the course of seven months, they found a new career path... Read More >


Learning Level 2 concepts has given my demonstrations and Quantum-Touch practice a real boost. I now routinely adjust clients' sphenoid bones in treatment sessions and I adjust the sphenoid bones of whole groups of people when I give demonstrations. I was recently at a body-mind-spirit meet-up hosted by a psychic medium that can see energy clearly. After showing each of the 30+ people... Read More >


As a Quantum-Touch level 2 Instructor, I sometimes join our students when they are exercising during a Quantum-Touch 2 workshop. I worked with one of the students with the 10 chakra "Essence and Energy" exercise. One of my biggest wishes was to study psychology. For years, I was trying to start. I could make time for it and I had the money to do it. There was even a special University for people like me, who couldn't study full time but I never started, withdrawn by all kinds of ideas, old trauma's etc... Read More >


The following story took place at work; a facility for handicapped youngsters. Ricky is spastic and vision-impaired as a result from brain-damage. He regularly suffers from epileptic “grand-mals.” In spite of this, he is usually cheerful and cooperative and trusting towards staff members. However, a number of new faces have appeared lately, wonderful for us, but overwhelming for a young man like Ricky... Read More >


My Maltese named Scooby jumped off the couch, which he has done so many times in the seven years of his life. This time though, he must have injured his right front leg as he could not walk and was only bearing weight on his three other legs. The right front paw was lifted up. My husband and I called to him but he refused to walk and then when he tried, he could only manage a hop with his three good legs... Read More >


This is my story, but it is also, in part, Carol Lee's story. That is because Carol has been my Quantum-Touch Instructor and primary mentor. When I met Carol in 2009 and took my first Quantum-Touch video workshop, I was working in a very high stress job in a toxic environment and was also in relationship with a man who had cognitive disabilities and required significant attention and energy from me... Read More >


In less than 2 sessions, I have been set free. What this means to me is almost indescribable. I have delayed writing this letter of love and gratitude because I am in awe of the changes that have taken place and am still trying to process all the wonderful transformations that continue to evolve and transform my life. A life, I never dreamed possible. ... Read More >


I would like to share a story about one of my employees who fell down a staircase last Sunday after running behind his son. He badly injured his back and was in a great deal of pain. Normally, these injuries take weeks to heal. The doctor told him strictly to stay in bed for at least one or two days. He stayed in bed on Monday but came to my office on Tuesday. He was moving very slowly and I could tell that he was still... Read More >


Since completing the Quantum-Touch Level 2 in Los Angeles in April, I have had some great results.  In most of my sessions prior, my clients got great results, but this energy is different. I did a distance healing on a client who was being treated by a dermatologist but the healing process was taking a long time. The problem was a rash and an ulcer. The day after the distance healing, the rash was drastically reduced... Read More >


As a therapist, I have long understood the powers of the mind and emotions as tools in illness and in healing.  When someone would come to me for a Quantum-Touch session, after listening to them about what their troubling symptoms are, I would ask them, "Are you ready to feel better?"  I have long understood that answering yes to that question is a necessary step in the beginning of the release of traumas and illness. Chemical changes begin to occur in anticipation of a healing. ... Read More >


Annelies is a 70-year old lady with severe scoliosis. I first met her in October last year, when she received alternative healing during a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop in Perth, Australia, with all 14 participants joining in. I was the instructor. Thereafter, I continued working with her through Skype. She has started to feel so much better and her back is visibly straightening out. In May, this year, something interesting happened. Just before the start of an alternative healing session... Read More >


I have discovered that Quantum-Touch 2 has actually helped me amplify the love that is emitted. I am getting faster results with my clients and still...amazing, wonderful and miraculous outcomes. I am also able to combine Level 1 techniques simultaneously with Level 2. While energy is flowing from my heart... Read More >


Recently, I recognized a strong desire to move out of an old way of thinking and relating to a colleague. I decided to try using the Quantum-Touch Level 2 technique to let go of old beliefs. As I stood talking to my colleague, I began doing Level 2 work opening myself to the greatest potential of my relationship with her. To my amazement, the next day, this colleague called with an entirely new tone... Read More >


I recently completed my Level 1 training. While in the workshop, I did Quantum-Touch on a lady with neck pain. The pain vanished completely, and it had been with her for 25 years! I thought that this was because of the group energy but then when I started to incorporate Quantum-Touch into practice, I started to see amazing results. ... Read More >


When my granddaughter was 11-years-old, I did Quantum-Touch on her and her brother for strep throat and swollen tonsils. (As a doctor, I also prescribed an antibiotic.) I explained what I was doing and Chelsea asked good questions and seemed interested.  Two years later, the grandkids were visiting and little brother hurt his shoulder and came to sis for energy healing... Read More >


Brownie is a 5 months old local dog who was paralyzed in his rear body. Ying Jeh picked him up and committed the adoption when he was less than 2 months old. She brought Brownie to see multiple veterinary professionals and veterinary acupuncturist in an attempt to get help in his paralyzed legs but they weren't of much help. A month ago, we were introduced to try to help him... Read More >


To date, we have found no limits to the power of Life-Force Energy and people try it on everything.  The outcome for each individual can never be predicted, but we do know that each body has its own power to heal itself and that Quantum-Touch can assist in accelerating the healing process. The Life-Force Energy is intelligent and often works in ways that surprise us. For example, you may be working on the eyes, yet an ear infection clears up.  The body directs the healing... Read More >


I did a Basic Video Workshop, about a year ago, and immediately started using Quantum-Touch as part of my toolbox.  Two months ago, at my mother’s eightieth birthday party, I saw the most amazing recovery due to this work. I was sitting next to a friend of my mother. I noticed that she was rubbing her hands and asked what was wrong. She showed me how crooked her hands were due to Arthritis... Read More >