The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

How does Quantum-Touch Work for a Specific Condition?



I was working with a group of people, demonstrating Quantum-Touch. One of the ladies had a seven-year-old granddaughter who had had Spina Bifida as an infant, which left her deaf and with a curved spine. She walked by several times while I was working on her grandmother. I could tell her spine was crooked and I asked permission to look at her spine. When I looked at it, I saw a distinct S curve in her spine... Read More >


I am currently using Quantum-Touch on my Uncle who has cancer and is not on any kind of treatment and actually, he was givin 6 months to live and this happens to be his 6th month. He is feeling better, has so much energy and is now involved in his community as a volunteer and also joined a bowling team. This is the same man who in September looked horrible and had so much trouble just getting out of bed... Read More >


I am often asked, “How do you work with traditionally challenging conditions such as eczema?” The answer is now thankfully simple: find the root emotional cause and it will no longer need to express itself physically. Usually, we are looking for something... Read More >


My cousin, who lives in a little village in the Cape - far from my Johannesburg home, has had a severely compromised immune system. A viral infection caused her to develop painful ulcers on her eyeballs - which were not responding to the drugs and ointments her doctor had given her. After doing intensive Quantum-Touch Distance Healing on her for 5 days... Read More >


Several months ago, I blogged a story about the impact the words, "Your love is enough,"  had on one of my Quantum-Touch Level 1 students. I was so moved by her reaction that I asked her to put her thoughts into words for me to use in a future blog posting. Here is the response she recently sent to me. Dearest Betsy, First, I would like to thank you again for a wonderful Quantum-Touch Level 1 class experience. I so enjoyed learning these new tools. I also wanted to share with you a poignant moment I experienced in your class, as I will take it with me for the rest of my life... Read More >


About 7 years or so past, we had a couple who were our neighbors.  They had several critters including a Yorkie Terrier. (Just an aside, my gal to me is on par with St. Francis of Assisi.)  I feel that ANY person, animal or baby that does not like him has issues. Anyway, our neighbors wanted us to baby sit their critters while they were off searching for living accommodations for school.  We were happy to do so but, we have one small issue; that issue being their terrier Dinky.  This dog wanted to rip my gal and I a new one anytime we came to the door. I pointed that out to our friends but, they said we were the only folks they trusted... Read More >


Ever since the first reports surfaced on the QT newsletter that it is possible to charge batteries with Quantum-Touch energy, I have been doing this with my truck battery. When temperatures drop down below -15 C in Canada, I run a little bit of Quantum-Touch energy into the battery just before I am going to start the vehicle. When temperatures are down to - 30 C, I run the energy a little bit longer... Read More >


I had a fun experience in one of my recent Quantum-Touch classes. In my last class we took strawberries, cut them in half and each of us ran energy healing into one side. We set intentions of sweetening and having the strawberry reach its highest essence. We could each see the juices rising to the top and the color started turning deep red. The results were amazing!... Read More >


The story below was written by my client. I thought it would only be fair if she was the one to tell her story. In 2009 I suffered a miscarriage and had to go through retained curettage. I had to wait for the recuperation of my body for a next pregnancy. I was introduced to a form of hands on healing called Quantum-Touch and it has helped me a lot... Read More >


I just wanted to share a phenomenal experience I had utilizing QT and one of my beautiful trees. My daughter brought to my attention that one of the largest and most beautiful trees in my back yard appeared to be near-death, if not completely gone. Over the course of two weeks, unbeknownst to me, web worms had almost completely consumed this tree... Read More >


On Sunday 7th October Solar Events put on a Discovery Day in London for an auditorium full with over 150 people all wanting to further their careers and personal lives with the most cutting edge therapies available in the UK today... Read More >


This is a story that I thought should be told to the Quantum-Touch network since I feel that QT helped this lovely dog get to his family in South Africa. In December of 2011, a German Shepherd came to stay with me while his family travelled to South Africa for a 3-year job opportunity. His blood work for Babesia, a protozoan parasite, came back positive and that meant that he could not travel with them. Believe me, they were heart broken when they learned the news that there is no conventional cure in Canada for The German Shepherd... Read More >


Two weeks ago, I participated in the Quantum-Touch II workshop from Yolande and Linda.  On the last day, when we were all sharing talents, we could request a gift I asked to replace my fear of high speed, whenever I was out horseback riding, and give me full pleasure from the feeling of flying. (My first horse has been taking off with me for 10 years, without a possibility of a brake system.My new mare, is wonderful, and even faster, and she does have a brake system... Read More >


It was in 2005 that I made the leap from being a graphic designer to being fully immersed in the world of energy healing”and I have Quantum Touch to thank for that. At that time, I was looking for something that would help my father with his Parkinsons disease symptoms. I typed the word healing into Google, and as you can imagine hundreds of search results came up. I spent an entire day trawling through them, looking at some very interesting healing therapies and also some very odd ones. Although I lean more towards spirituality than science, I also have a foot in both worlds and so I was not about to invest my time and money in something that didnt make logical sense to me... Read More >


I borrowed a DVD from the library. I started to play it but it stopped working after about 10 minutes. I reloaded the DVD several times but it would always stop at the same time. I checked the back of the DVD. It had many scratches. I thought that perhaps it was too scratched up to work anymore. I decided to try energizing the DVD with basic QT energy. I tried three times but it still was not working... Read More >


As a psychotherapist, I have long been aware that thoughts, behaviors and attitudes have a profound and cumulative effect on the health--or lack of it--on the people I meet every day. As part of my working with clients with Quantum-Touch, I have had the practice of asking people if they are ready to feel better.  Their positive response begins to prepare their bodies for change.  I have always had clients imagine what it is like to be well, and to wear that feeling like a jacket for a few minutes... Read More >


Every Saturday I go to English course class. It has been for 3 months. One of my English instructor is a guy who has (sorry) a something like difficulty in recalling the ideas which will be conveyed in the class so he often say's "..oh I forgot this...oh sorry I forgot that..." off course it's caused an inconvenience for himself and the students. Last week, when the class was over, I offered to do Quantum-Touch on his temporal lobe and he is welcome, after long discussion on it. Then I began sending heart energy to both his temporal lobe for about 15 minutes or so... Read More >


This 13 year old boy was told by his chiropractor that he needed to see an orthopedic surgeon for his severe scoliosis.  The photo to the left was taken before any treatment.  Notice the severe curve!... Read More >


This is a digest of a boy who was in a severe accident a year and half ago.  With the permission of his mother, I try my best to describe their journey. Naruda, a 17 year old Japanese boy, got in a brutal accident and had massive damage to his brain. His entire left brain got a cerebral infarction and stayed in a coma for a while. His consciousness regained shortly after but he couldnt talk nor move at all and pain in both arms were so severe that he cried every time they tried to stretch them... Read More >


I have just completed the basic online training and the best way to describe it is AMAZING and such a relief! I am so glad I purchased the product. I am usually cautious of anything that is offered online. However, I can say that I am very glad that I trusted my instincts and took the course. The teaching is invaluable and I am using as much of it as I can, daily. Whether on myself, others or in distant healing on the present or the past... Read More >


In the Self Created Health workshop we learn how the body literally mirrors our emotions. The entire premise of Self Created Health is based upon our physical selves expressing what we have not allowed ourselves to express emotionally. Once we have expressed ourselves, fully, healthily, safely and transformed the situation into a state of higher consciousness “ love, then the physical condition no longer has a purpose and it disappears... Read More >


Hi Jennifer, Last week I worked on my husband's knee using Quantum-Touch hands on healing techniques for about an hour and a half. It was amazing! The energy was racing through his knee. It felt to me that nerve endings (they felt like strands sort of worm-like) seeking their severed ends. After the energy was finished with most of the knee it began traveling down his leg to his ankle. He said it was very hot... Read More >


Every client is different, with understandably different complaints and needs. Other than consciously using the power of love in EVERY instance, helping clients to heal themselves rarely follows a one size fits all approach. Consequently, many alternative healers that I have known employ several forms of energy work to assist their clients... Read More >


Had a client with scoliosis today. Her occipital ridge was half inch off on one side. Right shoulder in the back was 1" higher than left at the beginning of the session... Read More >


Recently I was reading a testimonial from Artis Sophia Salemo and her experience with Self Created Health.(small excerpt below) I was so moved by her testimonial that I decided to interview her today and share her interview with you! Click Here To Download The Interview Hi Richard,... Read More >


I always wanted to be a healer, to help relieve the pain and traumas others were experiences, and when I finally learned about Quantum-Touch, I knew I'd found my life's work. QT blends very nicely with the other techniques I'd learned, mostly on my own--and makes the work I do much more powerful and lasting!  However I employ QT techniques, a positive effect results, often in ways that continue to astonish me... Read More >


"It was around midnight. I was still throwing up even worse than earlier that day. My blood sugar was high. I was very dehydrated, since my kidneys had to work hard to get the sugar out of my system. Giving myself more insulin was not working. It seemed like my body was not responding to insulin. I had a strong urge to drink water to cure my dehydration, But as soon as I would drink anything, I would throw up again... Read More >


My very first alternative healing "clients" after completing my Quantum-Touch training were my good friend and her newly adopted shelter puppy, Charlie. Though it happened two years ago, it's still one of my favorite examples of the healing power of love... Read More >


Hi Jennifer, Richard, and Eve-thanks again for offering this awesome workshop, Self Created Health. As we have previously discussed by e-mail, I wont be able to attend the Saturday workshop live due to a prior commitment away from my home. However, if it is appropriate, I would like to offer some comments/input now and you are welcome to share it with the group tomorrow... Read More >


Pamela had fallen down the stairs at her home earlier this year. She was in some pain in her upper back and so she decided to go to the Emergency room at her local hospital. An X-ray revealed that she had a wedge fracture of T6 (sixth thoracic vertebra). Later she had a Dexa (bone density) scan which revealed she had developed osteoporosis... Read More >


Summary The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate, through the use of human subjects, whether Quantum-Touch has an impact on chronic musculoskeletal pain and whether this relatively new non-invasive holistic healing modality may be used as an intervention to address chronic pain. This pilot study, experimental in nature, is a collaborative effort with a medical doctor, the second investigator, who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation... Read More >


Anna broke her right collar bone many years ago. After she became a group fitness instructor she developed shoulder bursitis, biceps tendonitis and tennis elbow. She had been suffering with pain from these injuries for over a year. She had tried many kinds of therapies. Anna wanted to try Quantum-Touch, after a few friends of hers had recommended my services to her. Before the start of the first alternative healing session she showed me the mobility in her arm and shoulder, which was rather limited... Read More >


Did you know that a study put out by the Heart Math Institute stated that our human heart's energy output can dramatically change the way we perceive our interaction with those we come in contact with daily... Read More >


On the second day of a recent Quantum-Touch Level I workshop, I asked my students to comment on what had impressed them during the previous day. One of them said that the instruction I had given, Always remember that your love is enough, really made an impact on her. She found the concept that her love was good enough to carry healing energy to other people to be enormously empowering... Read More >


I took Level I QT in July this year and have been practicing a little since then along with my other work. Yesterday I took a spill on some metal steps that gouged both shins - the left needing 4 stitches and right needing 2. The kind NP at the emergency room lovingly explained that they would get worse before getting better - more bruising, more swelling, and that today I would wake very stiff and sore and would most likely need painkillers through the day... Read More >


Migraines:Those nasty headaches that drive a body to the darkest, quietest space to sit and attempt to stop the excruciating throbbing.  I have an aunt who suffers from these migraines and it would send her to bed or sometimes the emergency room looking for relief. In 2007, I took my very first Quantum-Touch Level I  class.  I was thoroughly amazed, yet with my skeptical nature, slightly less optimistic. But it was Mothers Day and I was taking my Aunt Patty and my daughter to Great America to celebrate... Read More >


I took Quantum-Touch class with Richard Gordon and the Supercharging Quantum Touch with Alain Herriott in 2001. Right after that, I took Massage Therapy (certified now) and had my externship at one of the biggest hospitals here in the Bay Area. However, instead of Massage Therapy... Read More >


When 25 year old Creative Stylist Joanna Gregory first came to see me she had no idea what to expect and had never heard of Quantum Touch or energy healing. No medical professionals were able to help with her debilitating pain. Two months of using alternative healing and she has come leaps and bounds, deciding instantly that she wanted to learn Quantum Touch for herself. I loved having her incredible enthusiasm resulting from her personal experiences, in her Level 1 workshop... Read More >


Today I spoke with a friend on the phone who was crying. She said her day had been very difficult. Her tears were so overwhelming that I could not understand anything she said other than she was very upset. As I listened I began running Level 2 energy work towards her. Her baby who was in her arms immediately began laughing hysterically. The mom was so taken by this sudden outburst of joy in her child that she too began laughing. So simple, so powerful, and so effective... Read More >


This is one of my experiences with QT soon after I had done the basic QT level I in Singapore in June 2008. I received news that my adopted father, who was in his 90s, had suffered a stroke. My adopted father belonged to a small indigenous tribe in Sarawak (a state of Malaysia on the island of Borneo), in a remote and mountainous area served by a couple of morning flights by small aircraft to the city of Miri, where the nearest hospital is. They are off the grid for power and telecommunication... Read More >


Pamela had fallen down the stairs at her home earlier this year. She was in some pain in her upper back and so she decided to go to the Emergency room at her local hospital. An X-ray revealed that she had a wedge fracture of T6 (sixth thoracic vertebra). Later she had a Dexa (bone density) scan, which revealed she had developed osteoporosis... Read More >


Good Morning, Here are before and after photos of a client of mine. He came with a severe case of Scoliosis. He is 18 years old... Read More >


Hi there, I have recently done a Quantum-Touch Level I Workshop¦ WOW what an experience!!!!!! I am currently furthering my studies to become a Quantum practitioner. Having worked at and with animals at a veterinary clinic for 8 years, I found that I have an absolute passion for animals. Having completed my studies in animal nutrition and behaviors, I found that more and more people are leaning towards hands on healing and feeding. After having gone through a whole lot of experiences in life that at first did not make any sense to me I read up on hands on healing and how animals could communicate with people... Read More >


When I first started out in this field people would ask What is it that you do?  I would proceed to give a lengthy overview of all of my credentials and I would in return get back this blank stare.  Life and experience have a way of changing things and now when the question is asked, I just simply state  I help people heal themselves. I have this large array of tools and there is something for nearly everyone.  One of the tools I have a great passion for and the one I incorporate the most is a hands on healing modality developed by Richard Gordon called Quantum-Touch... Read More >


In the summer of 2009, I took a bad fall from my horse. I had a cracked pelvis, broken collarbone, and four broken ribs. I was in the hospital for almost four weeks, but I would have been there longer if it had not been for Quantum-Touch therapy. Quantum-Touch Practitioner Betsy Lambert came to see me twice and worked on my shoulder and pelvis using hands on healing. After the first treatment, the physical therapist came in and said, ˜Your shoulder is probably frozen. I replied, ˜This one? as I raised my arm on the injured side and moved it all around. The therapist was amazed. I was also able to give up all my pain medication... Read More >


Over the Labor Day holiday, I fell on a steep gravel driveway and hit on my left side. I'm only 60, so not elderly, but it really did shake me up. But mainly I had severe pain in my left arm pit. It felt like a tennis ball in there and with pain behind my left breast somewhere in there. My chiropractor said it was nerve pain, as my ribs were probably bruised with possible stress fractures. His examination also revealed pain at the sternum, but no knots in the arm pit--it just hurt there. He did not recommend x-rays because I could breathe without sharp pain and anyway it would be treated the same whether I had a fracture or not--rest and ice. He only did very light adjustments and told me to come back in a week... Read More >


It all felt so sacred. That space where everything is very clear and the silence is so deep it thumps and pounds behind your ears. We were invited to the lobby of a large local hospital to administer our Quantum Touch hands on healing modality on the battle-weary staff. There were at least four of us working at a time, none-stop all day. Including the certified practitioners and two certified instructors there eight of us in total. We were thrilled to be invited to work on these hard working professionals, but the ultimate goal for us was to be allowed to work on the patients... Read More >


I had an affirming experience in my yoga class this week.  A lady overstretched her back doing one of the poses and was on her mat in agony and couldn't get up. After the class, I offered her Quantum-Touch and gave her hands on healing energy for about 10 minutes while she lay on her side on the floor.  I could feel where the injury was on her back (I call it an energy ridge) and ran a lot of energy in that area.  I would have given her more hands on healing but the next class was starting and I asked if I she thought I could pull her up or if she needed additional assistance... Read More >


I started a Quantum-Touch Hands on Healing Circle group in Victoria about a year and a half ago with one of the objectives being that it would be a place where persons who had been a student in any QT Level I workshop could practice their skills, receive feedback from others, and receive energy as well. Within weeks of the Healing Circle starting, I started to receive requests from non- experienced QT people to attend the HC, as did other HC participants. I explained that the HC is for persons who have some QT training, and that it is not a venue for QT to be taught. However, the HC soon became an event where one of us HC "members" could invite a "guest', who would receive... Read More >


On July 2nd of this year my daughter, Julie,  fell and landed on her wrist, breaking it. We were told that it was most likely a Distal Radius Fracture which can take over a year to completely heal.  As I have no insurance she was told to just keep it still... Read More >