The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.


This is one of my experiences with QT soon after I had done the basic QT level I in Singapore in June 2008. I received news that my adopted father, who was in his 90s, had suffered a stroke. My adopted father belonged to a small indigenous tribe in Sarawak (a state of Malaysia on the island of Borneo), in a remote and mountainous area served by a couple of morning flights by small aircraft to the city of Miri, where the nearest hospital is. They are off the grid for power and telecommunication... Read More >


Pamela had fallen down the stairs at her home earlier this year. She was in some pain in her upper back and so she decided to go to the Emergency room at her local hospital. An X-ray revealed that she had a wedge fracture of T6 (sixth thoracic vertebra). Later she had a Dexa (bone density) scan, which revealed she had developed osteoporosis... Read More >


Good Morning, Here are before and after photos of a client of mine. He came with a severe case of Scoliosis. He is 18 years old... Read More >


Hi there, I have recently done a Quantum-Touch Level I Workshop¦ WOW what an experience!!!!!! I am currently furthering my studies to become a Quantum practitioner. Having worked at and with animals at a veterinary clinic for 8 years, I found that I have an absolute passion for animals. Having completed my studies in animal nutrition and behaviors, I found that more and more people are leaning towards hands on healing and feeding. After having gone through a whole lot of experiences in life that at first did not make any sense to me I read up on hands on healing and how animals could communicate with people... Read More >


When I first started out in this field people would ask What is it that you do?  I would proceed to give a lengthy overview of all of my credentials and I would in return get back this blank stare.  Life and experience have a way of changing things and now when the question is asked, I just simply state  I help people heal themselves. I have this large array of tools and there is something for nearly everyone.  One of the tools I have a great passion for and the one I incorporate the most is a hands on healing modality developed by Richard Gordon called Quantum-Touch... Read More >


In the summer of 2009, I took a bad fall from my horse. I had a cracked pelvis, broken collarbone, and four broken ribs. I was in the hospital for almost four weeks, but I would have been there longer if it had not been for Quantum-Touch therapy. Quantum-Touch Practitioner Betsy Lambert came to see me twice and worked on my shoulder and pelvis using hands on healing. After the first treatment, the physical therapist came in and said, ˜Your shoulder is probably frozen. I replied, ˜This one? as I raised my arm on the injured side and moved it all around. The therapist was amazed. I was also able to give up all my pain medication... Read More >


Over the Labor Day holiday, I fell on a steep gravel driveway and hit on my left side. I'm only 60, so not elderly, but it really did shake me up. But mainly I had severe pain in my left arm pit. It felt like a tennis ball in there and with pain behind my left breast somewhere in there. My chiropractor said it was nerve pain, as my ribs were probably bruised with possible stress fractures. His examination also revealed pain at the sternum, but no knots in the arm pit--it just hurt there. He did not recommend x-rays because I could breathe without sharp pain and anyway it would be treated the same whether I had a fracture or not--rest and ice. He only did very light adjustments and told me to come back in a week... Read More >


It all felt so sacred. That space where everything is very clear and the silence is so deep it thumps and pounds behind your ears. We were invited to the lobby of a large local hospital to administer our Quantum Touch hands on healing modality on the battle-weary staff. There were at least four of us working at a time, none-stop all day. Including the certified practitioners and two certified instructors there eight of us in total. We were thrilled to be invited to work on these hard working professionals, but the ultimate goal for us was to be allowed to work on the patients... Read More >


I had an affirming experience in my yoga class this week.  A lady overstretched her back doing one of the poses and was on her mat in agony and couldn't get up. After the class, I offered her Quantum-Touch and gave her hands on healing energy for about 10 minutes while she lay on her side on the floor.  I could feel where the injury was on her back (I call it an energy ridge) and ran a lot of energy in that area.  I would have given her more hands on healing but the next class was starting and I asked if I she thought I could pull her up or if she needed additional assistance... Read More >


I started a Quantum-Touch Hands on Healing Circle group in Victoria about a year and a half ago with one of the objectives being that it would be a place where persons who had been a student in any QT Level I workshop could practice their skills, receive feedback from others, and receive energy as well. Within weeks of the Healing Circle starting, I started to receive requests from non- experienced QT people to attend the HC, as did other HC participants. I explained that the HC is for persons who have some QT training, and that it is not a venue for QT to be taught. However, the HC soon became an event where one of us HC "members" could invite a "guest', who would receive... Read More >


On July 2nd of this year my daughter, Julie,  fell and landed on her wrist, breaking it. We were told that it was most likely a Distal Radius Fracture which can take over a year to completely heal.  As I have no insurance she was told to just keep it still... Read More >


Hi guys!  Just a quick word, as I am very new at this. I was so pleased when I was able to apply the hands on healing I learned with Quantum-Touch. We were away in the caravan for a few weeks and became friends with a very nice guy about 37. He came to our camp one night intoxicated with drugs and alcohol.  He was in a bad way, yelling about his childhood and his life as it is now full of bad memories. One of our guys took him back to his hut, they were gone for a long time, so I went over to see if both were ok... Read More >


Do you have a natural draw towards helping others? If so, you might be interested to learn that a broad range of training is available throughout the world in natural healing courses. Natural healing courses are worth considering as an alternative to pursuing a full medical degree or university level health qualification. There are numerous ways to foster your natural healing abilities without having to invest years in study. Quantum-Touch is among one of the most effective natural healing courses for cultivating your compassion and empathy towards others, and expressing these qualities in a proactive way... Read More >


A good friend of mine Nancy, had been ignoring a pain in her side, thinking it was a pulled muscle. She began to get very sick and finally decided to go to the doctor. Upon her visit, she was given a prescription for a muscle relaxant, an anti-inflammatory, pain killers and a couple of other prescriptions. What the doctor had missed in his examination was pneumonia in her left lung. That was on Monday... Read More >


Maluhia is a part lab rescued in 2004.  Her age is unknown but estimated by her former owner to be about 7 years old.  She is a beautiful big boned, mellow dog who loves everyone and most everything. Two years ago (2008) Malu was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and heart worm.  The vet felt that due to her perceived (at that time) age of 7 years she should not be made to suffer through the pain she was exhibiting or the trials of the heart worm treatment.  He suggested she be put down within a short time.  Malu's owner, Roberta, thought hard about what the vet said and then decided that she should go ahead and bring Malu home and try alternative medical treatments... Read More >


The importance of intuition to a Quantum-Touch practitioner cannot be overemphasized. Intuition is our connection between the Divine at the spiritual level and our subconscious mind on the physical level... Read More >


I discovered years ago that running energy into very tart fruit juice (such as unsweetened grapefruit) demonstrates the effectiveness of Quantum Touch in a powerful way. I use this in my demonstrations and lectures, and when teaching the Live Level 1 class in Hawaii, I have student's practice this for themselves... Read More >


This is not a story of a miraculous healing (as most of these stories tend to be), but of how working with Quantum- Touch has helped me to get in touch with the deeper aspect of myself and to reach a level of trust in how my universe is unfolding... Read More >


As a newly certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 instructor, I just held my first class. It was a small class of two students. What was amazing besides the usual wow factor students experience their first time to run energy was the synchronicity between the students. The main physical complaint of both students was fibromyalgia. There were also similarities in their family lives. Fibromyalgia is a hidden disease. It causes debilitating chronic pain, but the person doesnt look ill. Family members are not always sympathetic. People were once told the pain was all in their head. Only recently science proved fibromyalgia was an actual condition, though the cause is as yet unknown... Read More >


Ever since I discovered the power of energy healing, I have been on the lookout for books that explain how it works. While Quantum-Touch provides superb and effective techniques for using energy to heal ourselves and others, I wanted to know more specifically how this energy stimulates the body to heal itself. So when Ivibrational medicine found a book called Vibrational Medicine”The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, M.D., I knew I had finally found something with answers to my questions. This book explores the etheric body and pulls together research studies with scientific evidence to substantiate the existence of an extended subtle-energy anatomy (p. 23)... Read More >


I heard of the process of Quantum-Touch only about a year ago and for whatever reason it deeply resonated with me. I started researching it online then spoke with other energy metaphysics in the area. I began to send hands on healing energy to my black lab that had a lump between her shoulder blades. Within about 6 weeks it was gone. My roommate witnessed it... Read More >


Dear Quantum Touch I know this is long, but please bear with me. I am a Registered Nurse from Houston, Texas. A few weeks ago I became interesting in trying to heal someone using only my hands. I'm a huge skeptic, but try to keep an open mind.  I did a web search for hands on healing and found your site. I bought your book, Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon. I found he made a lot of bold claim. But still I kept an open mind... Read More >


Healing Touch Therapy may be useful in treating a wide variety of disease... Read More >


Alternative Medicine is comprised of many different healing modalities. Quantum-Touch teaches simple & effective techniques to accelerate healing. We do this mainly through learning to amplify, focus & direct life-force energy. Another modality that uses life-force energy is Acupuncture Therapy. Acupuncture therapy is a holistic healing modality discovered by the Ancient Chinese 5,000 years ago that treats patients by manipulating think, solid needles which are inserted into acupuncture points on the surface of the body. The clients do not experience any pain during the process... Read More >


Holistic medicine is a philosophy of care giving that actively looks at the whole person. It involves all modalities of diagnosis and treatment, such as drugs and surgery, as well as natural and noninvasive procedures. Quantum-Touch teaches simple, effective techniques to accelerate the healing process. Our philosophy is that "All Healing Is Self Healing." We place a strong emphasis on the responsibility of individuals to educate themselves as part of a holistic approach... Read More >


Across the board one of the most common questions we get is: "Will Quantum-Touch Heal My Condition?" This video answers that question and gives a basic introduction to the Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Principles! 1.Energy Healing is about sharing Love: As you will discover, energy healing is based upon opening the heart and is a wonderful way to share your love. 2.Healing works through Resonance & Entrainment: The practioner uses specific breathing and body awarness techniques... Read More >


When Quantum-Touch asked me to be one of their website bloggers, my initial reaction was panic. Although I spent over 40 years as a professional communicator in the corporate world, I retired at a time when email and websites were all we had. Social media and instant communication became routine after I retired, so the learning curve just seemed like it would be too steep. My years of practicing as well as briefly teaching mass communications seemed like poor preparation for this new electronic age... Read More >


Having done the Basic (Level I) Quantum-Touch and Supercharging workshops via video, the live Core Transformation workshop was so fulfilling I thought that was it for me. Id previously trained in several other healing techniques (Omega, Reiki, ARCH, and Huna); but when I learned to do QT, that quickly became my very favorite form of healing energy¦and with Core Transformation I thought Id finally reached the pinnacle. But this new workshop (Level II) sounds amazing, and I now realize there IS no end to learning... Read More >


I believe everyone is a healer because each body can only heal itself. We cannot heal anyone else.  However, we can send life-force energy to other people for their bodies to use to heal themselves, which is what I do when using Quantum-Touch.  As I facilitate the space for healing, I have no control over how others bodies use the energy I send.  I simply trust that their bodies know the best way to use it... Read More >


Many people have reported significant improvements for a wide variety of conditions using Quantum-Touch techniques. To learn if Quantum-Touch may help you with your condition please watch this video... Read More >


So here is my testimonial. On l7/4/2011 after I got home from my first Quantum-Touch Level I workshop with Bia de Castro Oliveira (picture on the left), I felt compelled to call a colleague who has been fighting the after effects of a stroke for 10 years. She has one side nearly paralyzed and walks with a cane. She was receiving treatment in a big Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil (applications of Botox in the arm and leg, and care for her heart and hypertension etc.) and physiotherapy... Read More >


With energy healing gaining momentum and wider mainstream acceptance, parents are being offered new and previously unheard of opportunities to learn invaluable hands on skills to effectively make a difference when their child is in pain. Seeing a child in any kind of pain is always difficult for any adult to see, and when it is your own child there is nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless and unable... Read More >


I grew up in a family that had no sense of religion or spirituality. It made sense that I had no experiences or beliefs to suggest that there was anything beyond mundane existence. When I was 16, I called myself a "non-theist" since I had no interest in the subject or a desire to push against something I didn't believe in. In college I had many experiences through a group focused on emotional healing that caused me to believe in synchronicities. When three friends (who didn't know each other) all told me to visit a healer, I took that as something important to do. The healer was the late Rev. Harold Plume in Monterey, CA. I watched in absolute astonishment as he put his hand inside my belly. I subsequently watched him work on other people in a similar way. My world view had been irrevocably shaken... Read More >


Alternative medicine is rapidly growing throughout the world as an alternate form of healing. "The World Health Organization estimates that between 65 - 80% of the world's population replies on traditional (alternative) medicine as their primary form of health care."(Library, ThinkQuest) One form of alternative medicine that is being used by many doctors, physicians, nurses, massage therapists and everyday people in need of healing is Quantum-Touch. Quantum-Touch teaches simple and effective techniques to accelerate healing... Read More >


According to the 1999 National Pain Survey, conducted by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, approximately 24% of Americans suffer from chronic pain.  Although nearly all chronic pain sufferers have at some time sought the assistance of a doctor for relieving pain, the American Pain Society says that nearly half are not currently seeing their physician because they feel there is nothing more that can medically assist.  The effects of chronic pain are many and include: difficulty sleeping, an inability to focus or concentrate, feelings of isolation and depression... Read More >


Oftentimes, we do not seek to change patterns of behavior until our physical body reflects dis-ease. During the Self Created Health workshop, Richard Gordon has shared the insight that these emotional patterns can also manifest in our relationships and in our success, as well as physically. If you look at your life, where do you see room for improvement? Do you have chronic financial difficulty?... Read More >


Tori had given us permission to do a distance healing session for her. She was living in British Columbia, Canada at the time, Rick and I in Colorado Springs. I explained that it might not help, but she agreed it was worth a try. At 9:00 her time the following morning, Rick and I began to run energy for 45 minutes... Read More >


I was doing a massage on a friend who couldn't really pin point what was wrong with her. She just didn't feel herself. She complained of headaches and just not having any energy. I had her lay on the table and I played some meditation music for her to relax. While I was sitting in a chair with my eyes closed doing my own meditation, I suddenly heard what I thought was a whisper in my ear. The voice said that the pain was in the neck. This startled me and when I opened my eyes behind the girl’s neck was a sphere of blue light. It just kind of hovered there pulse sating... Read More >


My 15 year old son was bitten on his face by a dog. The first two days we had checkups in the hospital and it seemed to be healing alright. On day three the doctor started to be very worried, obviously a severe inflammation was going on. Instead of just cleaning the wound, the doctor asked him if he could be a hero for him and allow him to cut deep in the wound without anesthesia (to protect his system) in order to clean it again. He agreed. I held his legs while I was running energy like crazy... Read More >


Every Monday night for 2-3 hours, I do volunteer work at our food co-op offering free, 15-20 minute "demo" QT sessions to shoppers and staff. I'll spend 15 minutes on those who "don't have any problems", and 20 minutes with those who do. I not only get to introduce new people to this incredible technique, I get 15% off my food purchases the following month... Read More >


I've been working for a few weeks with people diagnosed with HIV-AIDS. Last weekend I had a 2nd session with someone whose immune system I had targeted the first time. In doing so, I had spent some time on the occipital ridge and sutures, as well as front-to-back, to access the pineal and pituitary glands. He told me" the strangest thing" had happened during the week. For the first time in years, he was able to breathe thru his nose while lying on his back. As it turned out, he'd broken his nose, not once but several times (no, I didn't ask), so the cartilage was pretty messed up. When he told me this, I worked specifically on his nose, to see if more could be achieved... Read More >


My 10 year old daughter has been playing with QT and experimenting with it, and came to me to have me heal her toothache. I asked her to try and see if she can do it on herself. She left and came back later. “Mom, Mom” she said, “my toothache went away!” I asked her what she did. She said “I did QT for about 10 min and it went away. Look the swelling is gone too.”... Read More >


A friend fell across a low stone wall. She thought she had broken her back, as she couldn't move. Her boy-friend took her to the doc., who said she had bruised her ribs badly and he put her off work for 6 weeks. She had to sleep in a chair and every breath was painful. I told her'"The less time between injury and healing, the better the healing! I'm on my way!"... Read More >


Recently, I gave a Basic class, taking John McKimmey with me to assist. John is the student who does miraculous work, ie: straightening an elderly woman's scoliosis in 10 minutes, and treating her arthritic fingers, so she could work again in 20 minutes. He also did distance work on Sister Ellen, a nun who had a breast tumor, so that when they operated, the day after his distance treatment, the tumor was gone... Read More >


The other night one of my cats suddenly started falling over and then "flipping" her body around. In retrospect I now realize that she was merely trying to "right" herself because she couldn't stand up at all. Then I noticed that her eyes were going back and forth horizontally, very very fast, and that was the cause of her dizziness. She started vomiting. She started crying. I didn't know what to do and it was after-hours at the Vets, so I ran energy... Read More >


Hello, I have several chickens. One of them, "Buck-buck", is very old. I haven't gotten any eggs from her for about 2 months now and for a while before that, her eggshells were always paper-thin and would break easily. This week she was obviously ailing. She had diarrhea and was unable to go up to her perch at night. I would have to pick her up and... Read More >


I have only read the book and am scheduled for the workshop in 2 weeks. Yesterday I was in an adult forum at church. My pastor was explaining to the group about a controversial topic which has come to the attention of the national church governing body. He had just completed one group session on this and we had fewer people at the 2nd session. My pastor is very good at handling tough situations.0... Read More >


We recently returned from a successful workshop in Singapore. This was a post from one of the students in the workshop and had put their own yahoo groups together. Had a couple of QT experiences that I want to share after our wkshop. 1. My wife checked my hips on Monday night, and she says they seem quite level ;-). Thank you very much to all those who offered their healing energies in one way or another... Read More >


A client came to me in excruciating pain. Unable to move her arm or shoulder. It was completely, quite severely frozen. It would not budge. She had researched frozen shoulder on the internet and consulted with medical advisors only to discover that the medical approach sometimes used great force to try to free the shoulder, even to the point of actually breaking the upper arm... Read More >


2 years ago, I developed a new mineral balancing product and started using it. My right ankle was locked since the age of 14 (I am 65) as the healing of tuberculosis which usually results in fusing the many ankle bones together. The mineralizer unlocked the ankle bones and they would click as they tumbled over each other at random because the ankle muscles did not know anymore how they are supposed to drive all these bones when walking. Each click would send a pain through the ankle... Read More >