The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

How does Quantum-Touch Work for a Specific Condition?



In Dec 27th 2007 I fell in my bedroom and I tore all of the ligaments of my finger. The doctor said that I needed to have surgery in order to make it straight but probably I would loose the flexibility of the finger. He told me also that after the surgery I would need to do a lot of physical therapy... Read More >


by Huang Bingjie Certified QT Practitioner, Singapore I’ve just witnessed a mini QT miracle at the office, after doing a short 15 min-QT session on my colleague. She’s got quite a seriously misaligned back, with a distinctively bigger bulge @ her right shoulder blade... Read More >


Carla Deide from Tupã, Brasil took the Quantum-Touch Basic workshop and decided when she returned home to use it in her son since she saw that he had a misalignment in his body. She did and took the photos. Amazing the change!... Read More >


by Debra Preston and Pam Blackman, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioners Above is a photo comparision of one of our clients. We unfortunately did not take photos until after major shifts took place during the first two sessions. Keep in mind that you are only seeing about 50% of the clients total change in these pictures. This client is in her 70's and has had this condition for over 60 years... Read More >


I was introduced to Energy Medicine in 2006, but didn’t have a lot of faith in it because it never seemed to do anything for me. That changed in 2008 when I actually ‘felt’ a positive, long-lasting reaction from a session. I became a ‘true believer’ that Fall, when I attended a conference, at the Association of Research & Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach. Part of that conference was an introduction to Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon. Since then, I have had formal training in Quantum-Touch and Healing Touch for Animals. I’ve read books on Quantum-Touch... Read More >


I am fairly new to QT but have recently attended the Supercharging Class in Houston with Alain. Wow and I mean wow times ten. I have already signed up for Core there in June. So many wonderful things have happened already. Visible wonderful things! The story of this bird just happened a short time ago today. I really thought the poor dear had a broken neck. I used SC and placed the Unan within its neck and heart and I really think a miracle happened... Read More >


December 2008 In the Fall of 2007 I attended a Natural Health Festival in Louisville Kentucky USA I was walking around, and came across Julie E. Brent's Quantum-Touch® booth. I was immediately drawn to the large picture of the back of a person, who looked SO MUCH straighter in the after pictures. I was revved up and hopeful from that point on, that Quantum-Touch would help me... Read More >


Kokopelli is the name of our eleven-year-old miniature Beagle. She has a sweet disposition, is a tireless walker (we’ve done 60 mile backpacking trips together), a terrific traveler and a wonderful companion. Wherever my wife and I go, the dog goes with us. When we travel from Philadelphia to our second home in New Mexico, Koko and I drive the 3,670 mile-round trip while my wife, Karen, owing to her business, flies back and forth from the Philadelphia area. In general, Koko has been a real blessing to both me and Karen. As always, a trial or two comes along with the blessings. A few years ago, the Beagle was diagnosed with cancer and that was when she was first introduced to Quantum-Touch... Read More >


On morning, about a week ago, I noticed that the lid on one of my aquariums had been left open and one of the fish had jumped out and was lying partially dried up and seemingly dead on the floor. With a heavy heart I picked up the fish and started to rinse it off in preparations for freezing and later burial. The fish moved just a bit and I realized that perhaps it was not dead after all. I put the fish into a breeding box in another aquarium, held it cupped in my hand and used an eye-dropper to gently squirt water into its mouth and past its gills. At the same time I ran QT into the fish... Read More >


This is Dylan Visser from the Netherlands. The grandson of Arend and Ans Volgers. When the picture was taken he was 4 years old. Grandad had a lot of pain in his lower back. Dylan saw grandma doing QT with granddad. Grandma Ans wanted to stop for a little moment and Dylan spontaneously took over the treatment. Look how he does QT breathing!... Read More >


Recently I attended and presented Quantum-Touch at the International Moebius Syndrome Conference in New Jersey. Just a little about moebius syndrome. Moebius syndrome is primarily characterized as a facial anomaly in that no one really knows what the root cause is of moebius syndrome. What has been considered to be the common factors is that the 6th and 7th cranial nerves do not develop or may partially develop. This is present at birth. This causes a paralysis of the face and these individuals do not have the ability to smile and their faces are stiff... Read More >


Story by Ingrid van Zwaaij Amsterdam Netherlands It was only in March this year that I did my first 'Basic QT' workshop in The Netherlands and I already have a miracle to share with all of you! I was asked by a friend to do a QT-session on her sister, named Els. Els (59) had been forced to make a jump out of a window of a burning house in 1992, in which her leg was speared by the flagstaff on the house facade. As a result, the tissues of her right lower leg were destroyed and the bones had many fractures. She also had serious burns on her legs and arms. Through many reconstructive surgeries, doctors were able to save what was left of her lower leg... Read More >


I did a test on two roses which I had bought on the same day. I ran energy into the left side of the rose for ten minutes on the first day. Pictures speak a thousand words. As you can see from the pictures below, the energized rose bloomed faster and lasted longer than the rose on the right. It’s amazing that even though the energized rose started to withered, the color of the petals still remains fresh... Read More >


I am most excited to forward recent photos of a four year old little girl  who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The first photo was taken in May 2006 prior to Quantum-Touch, the second in July. Previously the child had developed scoliosis which seemed to be getting worse even though her back muscles had become stronger... Read More >


A woman not from around here was extremely distraught and, in fact, suicidal when she came to see me at 10 o’ clock one night. This was to be my first “crisis intervention” QT session. When I asked, “What’ s going on?”, she immediately began crying uncontrollably. The parent in me automatically embraced her with a therapeutic hug, while running energy through my entire body into hers... Read More >


Midori Minamiyama, a certified QT Instructor, sent us this photo of her grandson, aged three, helping out his ailing great-grandfather with Core Transformation techniques. He learned to run energy about six months ago... Read More >


My 3 grandchildren, ages 5, 11 and 13 were visiting and had just gotten out of our spa in the back yard. The 5 year old called excitedly to the other two to look on the ground and there were two young humming birds lying on the ground motionless! The 11 year old said, "Grandma, they are out of energy!" He seemed very sure of this, so next thing we did was gently pick them up and place their long tiny beaks into some sugar water in a saucer. You could actually see them syphoning the water!... Read More >


Volunteering with a stroke recovery group, I offered to take on one person to demonstrate the potential of Quantum-Touch to further advance recovery potential after stroke. My first volunteer was a woman in her 50’ s who had survived 3 strokes some 23 years ago. These strokes were all bleeders on the left side, so she had been affected on her right side. She had major surgery to stop the bleeding, and her skull had been opened using a flap... Read More >


I recently had the opportunity to work with a seven-month old baby from Romania who, in addition to the little girl with the before-and-after photos of her back (scoliosis) on the QT website, has also been challenged with a diagnosis of SMA, spinal muscular atrophy.  SMA is the #1 genetic killer of children under two years old, and 50% of the children with the diagnosis do not live beyond the age of two... Read More >


I just wanted to share a phenomenal experience I had utilizing QT and one of my beautiful trees. My daughter brought to my attention that one of the largest and most beautiful trees in my back yard appeared to be near death, if not completely gone. Over the course of two weeks, unbeknownst to me, web worms had almost completely consumed this tree. It really is special to me, as one limb holds a swing which will hold an adult, while another branch supports a baby swing... Read More >


So Sunday I was at my in-laws house just relaxing, waiting for the food to arrive (like you do), when my brother-in-law comes in. He and his family had flown in the day before from the West coast, and had been driving around all day in Chicago, pretending to be tourists. He walked in with the food, but I could see by the look on his face that something was not right. He looked either pissed or in pain. A few minutes later, I noticed he had disappeared, and ask my sister-in-law where he was. Come to find out that he was hiding in one of the bedrooms with a massive headache... Read More >


Thanks for asking me to share my story. I had a wonderful experience taking the Quantum-Touch® Basic Live Workshop. During the June 2007 workshop in Campbellsburg, Kentucky USA I had the opportunity to receive energy work from Julie E. Brent the instructor and 3 other participants... Read More >


(In our June 27th Newsletter, we introduced you to Boo, a lovely cat with several health issues, who was given to Karen Stock of Winnipeg, Canada to take care of for a month. Boo later claimed Karen for her very own, and they have been living together ever since.) In our original story, we stated that Boo was 22 years old and Karen recently wrote to us to advise that the original owner had miscommunicated Boo’s birth date, and that Boo is in fact, 19 years old. And like Karen, we still feel that 19 is a ‘good old age for a cat!’... Read More >


Expect A Miracle! -- by Barbara Haines. One morning, shortly after completing my second Basic Workshop as a beginning student, I was kicked on the back of my left hand by a horse... Read More >


Friends or family members visiting their loved ones at the Singapore's Changi General Hospital (CGH) last Sunday would have been puzzled by the laughter emanating from one of their rooms. Laughter isn't an emotion commonly associated with a hospital... Read More >


My name is Ria Fulton-ten Brinke and I am from the Netherlands and have an Energy Healing practice in Arnhem, (A Bridge Too Far). I shuttle between the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, where my husband works. Between the 25th and the 27th of November 2007, I had the honor of facilitating the first QT Video Workshop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I had a total of seventeen participants and these enlightened ladies, predominately from the middle-east... Read More >


Contribution to the January 2008 Newsletter Contribució n al Boletí n de enero 2008 (version en Castellañ o debajo de la version en inglé s) Our Group of Quantum-Touch Enthusiasts The Story Vinaró s is a precious cozy coastal town between Valencia and Barcelona in Spain, with a beautiful beach in front... Read More >


Just over one year ago I had to rush my now, 10-year-old Appaloosa gelding, Lucky, to the NC State Veterinary hospital in Raleigh, NC.  He had suffered a severe injury to his right shoulder resulting in nerve damage and eventually muscle atrophy. The major muscle in his shoulder was not receiving the signal from the nerve to tell it to contract and hold the shoulder blade in place. Therefore, as he would put weight on his right leg, his shoulder would separate from his body and come out to the side. This condition is known as a Shoulder Sweeney... Read More >


A wonderful story about Angel Shields (age 11). Angel came to the first class because she was not feeling well and her mother did not want to miss the class so she brought Angel with her. Angel looked flushed and very miserable as we began to run energy on her during our practice time. Angel's Mother was very surprised to find Angel up and ready for school the next day feeling and looking great. The story does not end here... Read More >


The picture was taken on June 5th, and the girl on the photograph is Jamila, 12 years old. She suffers from lordosis and kyphosis, which means that she has an exaggerated curve in her lower back (swayback) while her upper spine shows a slouching posture (to compensate the arch in her lower back). I did some QT on her pelvis, lower back, spine, shoulders and skullbones. After half an hour her back had visibly straightened out. She became very tired during this session, so we decided to continue the work next week;... Read More >


My partner and I have seen a spontaneous remission of primary liver cancer in a patient who was told she had 3 months left to live. That was 2 years ago. We have seen a spontaneous remission of breast cancer. I have used Quantum-Touch in asthmatic flair-ups. We have seen reversal in the deformities of rheumatoid arthritis. We have used it in the treatment of panic attacks with success. We have used it on a client with incapacitating history of migraine headaches. We have a client who canceled her scheduled back surgery after being treated with Quantum-Touch... Read More >


Here is an interesting case that I had recently. A delightful lady came to see me in the office complaining of left shoulder pain. She had a mastectomy and since then had been unable to lift her left arm without severe pain. She had limited range of motion as well, as she could not move the arm more than half way from her side without being limited by pain. She could not rotate her arm behind her back, and had to use her shoulder accessory muscles to use the arm... Read More >


A friend had a skin growth on her forehead last year and she told me that she believed that it was skin cancer. I ran energy into it for about 20 minutes. The next day the open sore had started to dry up and I ran energy for another 20 maybe 30 minutes. In a few days it became a scab and soon after fell off... Read More >


My husband and I spent approximately three and a half years in the process of adopting our daughter from China. As those who have adopted internationally know, there is a tremendous amount of preparation, research, paperwork, etc. that goes into the adoption process and brings a family to the point when they are given the referral (photo and medical report)... Read More >


Here is visual evidence of how we can be transformed by the power of life force itself. We all have the power of transformation built into us. We can heal on phenomenal levels. Gerry came to us with an extreme curvature of the spine known as scoliosis. Here is a visual account of the transformation of his spine in only one hour using Quantum-Touch, with NO physical manipulation! Remember, Quantum-Touch is not just about moving bones, but transforming structures on all levels. If such a transformation is happening physically, imagine what must be happening on the deeper cellular and molecular levels... Read More >


The x-rays were taken of a young woman who was under great stress that day. Dr. Parr, D.C. took the x-rays and drew the lines on the x-rays that you see and measured the percentage of misalignment. Before -- note how the axis vertebrae points 8* to the left nostril... Read More >


Sometimes chronic conditions take many session to show improvement. Here is a woman with scoliosis due to polio when she was only 16. She is now 72... Read More >


My husband Ben and I have had a very clear and positive result with a client with scoliosis this weekend. There was a significant curve in the thoracic spine which straightened in just over half an hour with us both running energy... Read More >


Five minutes before I started a Quantum-Touch lecture at Chicago’ s Transitions Bookstore, a mother brought her little daughter, Sally, to see if it could help the girl’ s bowed legs. Sally’ s knees were very far apart when she was standing, so I stood her on the chair and worked on her hips for about five minutes. She just stood there calmly and trusting. After the 5 minutes, I asked her mom to take Sally around the store and " let everything integrate."... Read More >


For some reason this week, my whole family has been burned at least once. I put my hand on a hot cigarette as I was getting up off of a box that I was sitting on outside. OOOUUUCH! It hurt! I immediately started running energy into it and it began to burn even worse. It then got better after about 15 minutes, and never blistered. I told my kids what I had done. Coincidentally, one by one, they each got burned. My 11yr old was baking cookies, and burned herself on the oven rack (YOW!). She ran it under cold water and then used QT on herself until “ walla” - no burn... Read More >


Monday night we had a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of QT at home. My husband, Lew, was getting dinner out of the oven. Somehow in the process, he accidentally grabbed the metal rack with his bare hand. He instantly pulled his hand away leaving skin from the fingertips stuck to the hot rack. I heard all this and flew into the kitchen. We keep pure lavender spray in the fridge for burns, so first thing, I sprayed that on the burns. Then I slathered Vita Fons II (ointment) on it. Then he shook his hand over his head as our acupressurist has suggested for such problems... Read More >


I have had amazing results like the rest of you but the most incredible one of all is how it (QT) has profoundly, radically changed my physical health. I broke my right foot 28 years ago and in the last 5 or six years discovered an entire bone has dissolved in that foot over the years! It has made it impossible for me to jog/run more than one or two times a week and only very short distances at that due to the immediate swelling and pain in my foot which took several days to return to normal size - meanwhile causing a bit of a limp which in turn caused pain in the knee and hip... Read More >


(The actual name of the prisoners and of the prison are being withheld for legal reasons) Thank you for donating the Quantum Touch video workshop and several Quantum-Touch books to a prison on the East Coast. Between eight to twelve men, all long-term prisoners, have been attending three-hour sessions once a week. We watch short segments of the video followed by a discussion of the men's experience, both as clients and practitioners (holders of the healing space). We have had impressive results including dissipation of elbow, shoulder, and sciatica pains... Read More >


Which Sprouts Received More Love? Richard talks of our love having value and impact - well, it's good sometimes to actually see that impact. It helps to understand it's really true! I've done an experiment with wheat seeds. I picked out 25 for each tub, used one as the 'control' and left it to sprout unaided... Read More >


One of the great things about QT is that you can continue to make new discoveries for years and years. About four years ago, I was examining a large inexpensive tourmaline with a 10-x loop. I carefully studied it in the sun, but found no color features except for its extremely dark uniform green color. Each day I ran energy into the tourmaline with great intensity and focus, and would go outside and study it. Soon I started to notice thousands of small specks of color. There were many colors and over time, they shifted and became glassy and eventually gemlike in appearance. This was unfortunately before I bought a digital camera... Read More >


by Robert McKee and Ilana Morris Ilana's cat Grover, is a huge 20 something pound mangrove with black and grey tiger stripes  and massive  paws.  He became sick and lethargic over  the course of a few days and began to have severe diarrhea with blood in it.  He lost his appetite, which is a sign that something is seriously wrong considering this cat eats as much as I do... Read More >