The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

How does Quantum-Touch Work for a Specific Condition?



Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment through Angels and Orbs, provides us with unique and important insights on our divine help from Above in my Quantum-Touch workshops and sessions. Some call them Spirit Orbs, or the "orb phenomenon" however, I call them the Energy and Essence of the vibration frequency we are asking for in our healing sessions. I am a Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor and a Instructor Trainer for Level 1 and have a successful healing practice... Read More >


I want to share with you my experience of my mother dying and how your participation with Quantum-Touch made it the most beautiful experience of my life, and exactly the way she wanted it. On September 1st 2014, my mother turned 91. She was still sharp as a tack and although she had slowed down, she was still an avid gardener in her little patio and didn't need any help getting around... Read More >


My retriever has arthritis and whilst it's been managed, he suddenly took a turn for the worst over Christmas. I got him to the vet who said he was "absolutely riddled" and gave us a fortnight's worth of painkillers. He told us to come back when we finished the course to "plan the next move." Terrifying words to a dog owner. Absolutely panicked, I did some frantic Googling and eventually came across Quantum-Touch... Read More >


When I discovered I was pregnant, I knew I would want a Quantum Birth. My first thought about a Quantum birth team occurred to me after a practice session during a Level 2 workshop... Read More >


A 12-year-old boy fell at Thredbo (Australian Ski Resort). He was learning to snow board and fell onto a rock and broke his collar bone. Three hours later, his mum, who I was going to give a session to, came and said, "I really need this session, my son just broke his collar bone." I said, "Ok, how about we see if we can do something for him first?" He had 10/10 pain, even with a strong pain killer on board... Read More >


Rebekah gave birth this evening February 17, 2015 to a strong girl named Manataka at 8:36 pm. Mark and I were very honored to be present. Both mom and baby are doing quite well. Manataka's water broke this morning at 8 a.m., which was exactly the time the doctor she wanted, Dr. Waters, went on duty. For a while Dr. Waters began to get concerned about Manataka's heart rate dropping during the birth. Mark and I both sent Quantum-Touch into the room ... Read More >


In November 2013, at 91 years of age, Antonia fell off her bed and broke her left femur. Her doctors suggested that she would be bedridden for life—and under 24/7 care. At that time, she suffered from malignant hypertension, kidney stones, age-related dry macular degeneration, a chronic urinary tract infection (that had her in diapers), malnutrition, anxiety, and signs of dementia. After she was released, I started regularly utilizing the Quantum-Touch Level 1 techniques... Read More >


I have a story I'd love to share about how I found Quantum-Touch and have used it with one of my cats, complete with photos (though it's still in the process, so not truly before and after - more before and during photos). The story is that my friend's cat Jack got his paw caught in something (we think it may have been a mousetrap) when he was 10 weeks old. The injury became infected. He nearly died and almost had to have the paw amputated. My friend called and asked me do energy work, that I knew at the time, via distance. Jack pulled through, though I didn't know how damaged the paw still was... Read More >


Ever since I made the decision to stop doing real estate, I have been getting many calls especially for distance work. I am working with a man in Illinois. His wife found my site through the Quantum-Touch website. The first night I worked with him, using Quantum-Touch Level 2, he was at home resting. I was sitting in my session room on the agreed time. I wasn't on the phone with him. As he was resting in his bed, at one point, he started breathing in slowly, then would hold and let out a slow breath. His wife was worried about his breathing and emailed me the next morning... Read More >


A year and a half ago, I participated in a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop instructed by Judie Maron-Friend in Portland, OR. I could do the breathing techniques for only a few minutes before becoming lightheaded and would have to stop. Judie said it would improve over time and lots of practice, but it didn’t and I have been discouraged. Quantum-Touch was just not going to work for me. Two days ago, my husband and I were shopping at a holiday bazaar in town... Read More >


How does a Quantum-Touch Practitioner end up in a federal prison, you ask? The details of that story will be revealed in a future publishing. For now, the most important understanding is that during my emotionally taxing pretrial, I was blessed by a series of Divine interventions. I peaceably entered the prison in grace and ready to be in service to humanity. Much of my time was spent helping the inmates heal themselves by passing them a loving and peaceful vibration, and together, the inmates and I witnessed and experienced magical transformations... Read More >


Dear Carol, I feel it is necessary again to share with you the experience I had during the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Class on Sunday. I know I told you this, but it needs to be written. As I started my session with Patti and Catherine, my intention was to clear the pain from my shoulders and hip, but I felt something else simmering under the surface. I felt you move toward me at some point... Read More >


This is where I came to the realization that this stuff actually works!! As a healer, often when you learn a new modality of healing, you believe in it but are totally unaware of what the magnitude of it is. This was my “ah ha” moment ... Read More >


I am very new to the Quantum-Touch modality, specifically having received the material I had ordered only about a week ago, after listening to an interview with Richard. HOWEVER, I must say that it seems I have known and used some of these wonderful principles intuitively for a long time. Moreover, although I have not yet finished the Quantum-Touch book – nor watched all the videos – I had an opportunity... Read More >


Last week I was slated to attend a monthly meeting of the Toledo Area Health and Wellness Community. Just before leaving my office to drive to the meeting place, I received an urgent telephone call. The scheduled speaker was ill, and was unable to attend the meeting. Would I mind talking about Quantum-Touch? Would I? Absolutely. The time allotment was very limited. In only 10 minutes, I was to let people know what Quantum-Touch is, what it can do... Read More >


Before today, I could say my youngest Quantum-Touch student was seven years old. Now, a two-day old baby holds that position. The baby's parents asked me to check their new baby. After working with him for a few minutes, I noticed he held his head turned to the left.  His neck felt tighter on the right, extending to the upper shoulder.  Mom verified my concern when she said he preferred  ... Read More >


I have an 11-year-old daughter, Laura, that was in her 11th week of chemo for stage 4 brain cancer and her pain was horrible. It broke my heart to see her cry and hear her say that she wanted to die. She had to wear blinders over her eyes because the light increased her pain through her eyes. She didn’t ever have fun or laugh anymore. She was in so much pain on Thursday that she woke us up screaming and holding her head... Read More >


I have been in bed many times, and gotten a muscle cramp in my leg or foot. Instead of getting up and running energy I lay as I am and run the energy into my head and crown chakra, and then back down through my body to the area that is spasming. Every time I have tried that it has worked really well, and actually just as well as the other times I tried it by sitting up and running the energy right to the muscle with my hands... Read More >


I am a labor monitrice, maternal-child health nurse and a hypnotherapist. I've worked in this field for over 25 years. About 8 years ago I started training in Quantum Touch to use with laboring moms. I've since gone on to take almost every advanced workshop Quantum-Touch has in order to give new families this gift  through their transition to parenting.As I expanded my services from purely support at the birth to prenatal & postpartum coaching and Quantum Touch visits, I added to my knowledge and experience... Read More >


Mother and daughter (Bonnie and Gabby) recently took a Quantum-Touch Level 1 class and have had some fun with it.  Here are a couple of stories they shared with me. May you find them as wonderful as I did! Stories by Bonnie and Gabby: I was making Gabby some spaghetti. I grabbed the pot to drain the water out, forgetting that it had metal handles. It was very hot!... Read More >


I was grocery shopping and coming down the aisle toward me was a young mother, pushing a shopping cart. Her baby, a beautiful little girl of about nine-months-old, was wailing and protesting her confinement in the carrier the mother has strapped into the front of the cart. The mother and the child were tired... Read More >


My dear friends Brian and Nicole gave birth to Annabelle Rose on October 16th and I feel very honored that I was able to use Quantum-Touch at the birth and be a part of welcoming Annabelle into the world! Around 8:30 A.M., Brian called me and wanted to see if I could come by and do some Quantum-Touch on his wife Nicole who was in labor and in a lot of pain. I came down to the hospital and had the honor of working on Nicole. I placed my hands on her belly, opened my heart, ran the energy, and sent her and her baby love. Within about half hour, her labor pains became much, much more manageable. The pain level went from an 8 to a 2! I felt a great sense of relief to see the pain subside and we were all amazed how quickly the pain level decreased... in labor!! Throughout the day, more friends and family arrived... Read More >


Salman Merchant (25 years old) was a participant in the Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop in Mumbai, India (October 12 & 13). He had a severe scoliosis. We performed both individual and group healing for him and continued to do so in the weeks after the workshop. Last Tuesday, that is the 5th of November, Salman sent an email to the entire Quantum-Touch India group. Its an incredibly beautiful and inspiring message. With his permission, we  are sharing it with the wider Quantum-Touch community. - Johanna Van Reenen. Email from Salman to Quantum-Touch India group: Hello everyone... Its been a nice journey. ... Read More >


A seven-year-old came to see me. He stopped eating the summer before when his father died. He had lost lots of weight and tended to vomit every time he tried to eat. His mother was frightened. I had the sense to work on his upper chakras and saw that there was a tear between his 11th and 10th chakra. The 11th chakra, Richard, says represents the soul. It felt like the child was cut off from his soul!... Read More >


I have found that using Core Transformation and the Wombing Technique to be very beneficial when dealing with emotional and stressed animals. Often, animals are a little reluctant to let go of old problems, which I have found in turn, affects their body alignment. I find running gentle Quantum-Touch energy with the power of intention brilliant for minor adjustments. Caramac, a twenty-three-year-old horse at a local riding school, was suffering from several health problems, including a bad cough. He was given seven puffs of a steroid inhaler twice a day, was on special dust-free bedding, and had his hay soaked to prevent the spores from building up and making his cough worse. ... Read More >


I am very grateful to Carol Lee for teaching me Quantum-Touch. My wife and I had a baby boy named Jaxon and during the birth I used Quantum-Touch on my wife. She was being induced because her amniotic fluid was low. We were at the hospital when the doctor came in to check her at 8:00 PM. She was 4cm dilated, which was not much change from what it had been hours earlier... Read More >


I often use Quantum-Touch on animals. I am a body talk/animal talk practitioner and I combine Quantum-Touch with my sessions beautifully. Here are a couple of stories: 1. I was doing an animal talk course in Johannesburg, South Africa and on this day, we were working in an animal shelter. We were paired off in two's and given a briefing on the animal chosen for us to work on... Read More >


Animals have always led me into the most fulfilling, glorious stages of my life. Some years ago, I began a quest of sorts. I had been working with feral and stray cats around my apartment complex. Inevitably, there were some cats that wouldn't let me come near them, particularly when they were injured or ill. I needed to learn a long distance healing method for them. "You need to become a Reiki practitioner," said my cherished friend Jasmine, and I listened. ... Read More >


My daughter had a traumatic delivery and recovery from birth two and a half years ago. She had a lengthy labor, and three hours of full dilation before they finally decided to do a C-section on her. Recovering from the operation was very difficult and it took her more than a month to have any kind of strength for functioning at all. She complained numerous times that the incision scar "grossed her out"... Read More >


For thousands of years peoples of the world have been using acupuncture and herbs to keep themselves healthy and to restore health and wellbeing when needed. When an imbalance occurs in the body or mind the acupuncturist makes a differential diagnosis to determine the origin of the imbalance. The acupuncturist then selects acupoints on one or more... Read More >


Orrie is a 14-year-old gelding, who is a major player in the dressage field. He has been working all his life and has always enjoyed it. One day, the trouble began. His rider Sandra, a very petite woman, felt he was out of control, up to the point of being real dangerous. He is a very huge horse and so she got scared... Read More >


Tirana is a willful pretty mare and is willing to work for her owner, Sabine. She always wants to please and doesn't let a little pain stand in the way. Last December, she was diagnosed with hoof cancer with no hope of a cure from the vet, in spite of all the painkillers and antibiotics prescribed. It was decided to stop all the medication and to put her down in a week. The owner really cares for her horse and was devastated so approached us for advice. We all conferred and decided to give it a-fourteen-days try... Read More >


While visiting my mum, I mentioned to her that I've been having a sore knee for a week. I had worked all day for the Docket’s grand final and I normally don't stand and walk at my regular job so the back of both my knees were super sore that weekend. As I've had a meniscus injury on my left knee, I think this is why it was still sore a week later. Mum said she'd do some Distance Healing energy work on it... Read More >


Kyla, an eleven-year-old mix-shepherd had developed a rash upon her forepaws; she had also developed several cysts over the years.  She was aging. After taking her to two veterinarians who offered nothing that helped, I thought, time to take matters into my own hands. A friend had suggested a detoxification protocol. I gave her a few droppers full of the medicine over a few nights. ... Read More >


I was called to run Quantum-Touch on someone that was in the hospital and in a coma for 3 days. The people that called me saw me at a holistic fair and had my card. They were in great emotional pain. They asked me if I could help. I told them that we'll see what will happen because I don't know what the outcome would be. The client was non-responsive for 3 days except when pain stimulus was applied... Read More >


I have worked quite extensively with my dad who has Parkinson's and seen very good results. I worked mainly on alignment; aligning the hips and shoulder blades, occipital ridge etc. and sure enough he would straighten out. One of the symptoms with PD is that people become hunched over and this really inhibits the energy flow of the whole body, contributing too many of the symptoms experienced... Read More >


A week ago, Tom was doing some DIY work around the house and smashed his thumb hard with the claw end of a hammer. It bled, throbbed and hurt. He shook his hand a few times and on his way to the sink remembered to run energy into it. The pain, throbbing and bleeding became very minimal. He called me to share the story and I told him ... Read More >


When I decided to remodel my kitchen two years ago, I had no idea of the trauma it would have on my cat Snowflake, my pure white, blue-eyed shorthair cat. No one told me that pets would go through tremendous upset during a renovation. Four weeks into the remodel, in addition to hiding in the closet, something she had never done before, her paws became swollen and black and she had chewed out most of the fur on the right side of her little body... Read More >


There is this participant that takes my yoga class. Last October she fell and hurt her right shoulder and neck.  I tried since then to offer her energy, but she was occupied with test's and doctor appointments, so I left it be and told her if she decided my door was always open. In January, she came to my class and was still in a lot of pain.  During my class I went up to her and asked her to stay after class. I brought her to a private room and explained what Quantum-Touch was ... Read More >


On January 8th I was hit by a car while I was crossing a road on my way to work. I was airlifted to hospital by helicopter and after a CT scan they said my neck was broken in 4 places and I would need an operation the next day to repair it.  I would be in the hospital for 6-8 weeks recovering.I asked my husband to send out healing requests to everyone I know who is a healer, and I did 5+ hours of self-healing... Read More >


The following letter was sent to me by a client, Cindy Clegg: I want to thank you for such a wonderful session on Monday. The sciatica on my left side has subsided greatly and I imagine that as the days go on, it will disappear altogether. I left your place full of warmth and pain-free for the first time in many months. Let me also tell you about the continuing amazement I carry for your Quantum-Touch distance healing ... Read More >


A client of mine, Maureen had a very bad fall on a slippery floor at the hospital where she was employed. She broke the humerus at the shoulder on the right side and severely injured her right hip and leg. I did distance healing immediately for 30 minutes when she returned home and then did a 2-hour hands-on-healing session... Read More >


Hi everyone, I've just had a minor (or even major) miracle happen that I want to share. I had my five-year check-up for ovarian/uterine cancers yesterday - they measure a "cancer marker" to see how you're doing. My readings have always been very low... Read More >


I met Melody Huang at the sensory therapy center. We both are mothers of special needs children. We exchange education information, encourage and support each other often and have become good friends. She shared her daughter’s natural therapy experience with Quantum- Touch with me and I started to step into the Quantum-Touch magical world. Melody invited Quantum-Touch Mentors... Read More >


I went to a woman's home who was in labor. She was quite disappointed when I arrived; as she was only 2 cm dilated (you have to get to 10 before you can push the baby out). I explained how normal it was for the process to take some time, because it was her first baby and it usually takes about 15 hours. She had been in labor for an hour... Read More >


My daughter is three-years-old and was born with Cerebral Palsy. Within the first month of her arrival, she started her long and difficult road to rehabilitation.She was expected to sit and walk with major difficulties under the traditional Western Medical System. Other than regular rehabilitation progress, her father and I have made every effort to look for alternative therapies, education and training that can help her... Read More >


I've just completed another wonderful weekend of Quantum-Touch training here in Ottawa. The magic began on Friday evening at the Demo/Intro component. Kim Cross, Quantum-Touch instructor from Gananoque had come to assist with the training on the weekend. We had a brief meditation, introductions and my Quantum-Touch story, and then the history of Quantum-Touch... Read More >


This is one for the books! Some months back, I experienced chest pain (family history of heart attacks) and sought medical attention. The ER had me stay the night and take a treadmill stress test (echocardiogram, I believe) the next day. I had taken this test 5 years earlier for similar symptoms and had passed with flying colors... Read More >


I had a client ask me to Quantum-Touch frozen pipes, while asking others to send warm thoughts yesterday at 2:00 pm. Today, at 11:55 am, 22 hours later, his pipes thawed and he's able to take a shower. Mind you, the temperature outside is only 12 degrees, the warmest day in 3 days where temperatures had fallen  to 4 below. I love miracles! A little update, the weather still has not gone... Read More >


I did a session with an interesting client two weeks ago. The lady is in her mid-forties, and a massage therapist, so she is really tuned into her body and her sensations. She had been recommended by a mutual client who gave me a heads-up that the lady had lately been bursting into tears while treating her clients and seemed to be stressed out and on the verge of a break-down... Read More >