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Weili Song宋伟丽

Shanghai Energy from Heart Health Consulting Co., Ltd.


Apartment 102, building 26, 2938 Qi Xin Road,
Min Hang District
Shanghai, All Regions, 201100, China
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Phone: +8613524178295
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Mrs. Weili Song is a sub-conscious Analyzer and also Certified Practitioner and Instructor of QT. We can consider she is the first Certified Instructor in Mainland China.

I am as Board Member and also one of the leading instructor for Shanghai Energy From Heart Health Consulting Co., Ltd., we are very proud to be the first firm introducing Quantum Touch into China.


Bringing, introducing and spreading QT is very important mission in my life. I wish more and more Natural Therapy will be known and recognized by Chinese. At the same time Chinese will benefit more and more from natural Universe Energy. 


除了是量子触疗治疗师外,还获得过亚洲塔罗学院的潜意识Oh卡证书。同时宋伟丽还系统学习了The Wonder Method及量子触疗领域的各种技巧和知识。




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