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Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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Phone: 07877065797
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”...approach every healing session as if it is your first........” quoting Richard Gordon, the discoverer and developer of Quantum Touch.

 I find the simplicity and effectivity of QT most impressive! It is the most direct and easy to learn modality of energy healing that I’ve come across.QT works on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Pains resolve and blockages are cleared. It may help us reach a state of health and harmony, with increased wellbeing and productivity.

  I grew up in the Netherlands from young age and have lived in the UK for about 7 years now. I speak English, Dutch, French, Czech, Slovak and German. Both my parents were involved in the development of pharmaceutical drugs; my father as a pharmacologist and my mother as a biochemist, but the more I knew about it the less it appealed to me. Since teenage I had developed a true passion for natural healthcare and I have built up a large library over the past 30 years. However, I had to put off pursuing a career in this field until 2008. When our children were older I had the opportunity to gain formal qualifications in several complementary medical disciplines. I offer the following therapies:  Hijama (wet cupping), Allergy testing/ therapy and Quantum Touch. At the moment I’m also working towards integrating ‘Zappers’ into my allergy practice. Although learning QT when you suffer from allergies is as effective; you’ll be able to zap yourself anytime at no additional cost.......

 You’re welcome at my clinic on Coventry road in Birmingham to come and experience Quantum Touch or book a distance healing session. I also offer combined QT and hijama sessions. Hijama therapy detoxifies the blood directly, stimulates blood circulation and organ function, balances hormones, strengthens the immune system and reduces pain to name just a few benefits. QT and hijama are an excellent combination.

My experience with QT makes me aware time and time again there is no limit to possibilities to heal, change and shift energy. We need QT as an essential skill to heal and be healed, inspire and be inspired, but also to be in tune with nature and our own biology. Our western societies are organised is such a way that many people are forced to  live a life disconnected from the earth, natural (healing) processes and other humans, where it’s a natural inclination to seek connection to life’s purpose and the Creator of all that is to live in accordance with our highest consciousness.  Even in a hectic society like ours it is possible to live our life with wisdom, keeping pace with the rhythm of our heart.

 Quantum touch is a neutral skill that can easily be acquired by people of all backgrounds not contradicting any religious beliefs. After having acquired this skill and qualified as a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor, I make it a priority to share this healing modality with as many people as possible for their own benefit and that of their loved ones.

 To book a Quantum Touch session or a Quantum Touch LEVEL 1 workshop please email me or call me in the evening. 

I hope to meet you soon!







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