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Cori Fung

Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioner/Level 1 Instructor (量子共振認證執行師/初階導師)
Love & Sincerity Studio Co., Ltd.


Wan Chai , Hong Kong
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Contact Information

Phone: Whatsapp +853-66601832
Alt. Phone: Wechat: Corifung1008
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Language : Cantonese & English


Diana (Cori) Fung 的相關資格:

-Creator of Core Light Transformation - Developer Of Awareness  “光之能量轉化的創始人

-China Qualified Professional Level Rehabilitation Physical Therapist - 中國認可高級康復理療師 (證書編號:YYRC1018020003223)

-China Qualified Professional Level Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Instructor- 中國認可高級康復理療講師 (證書編號:YYRC101820003217)

-International Naturopathic Medicine Association Professional Member 國際自然療法醫學會專業會員

-Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioner and Level 1 Instructor 量子共振認證執行師以及初階導師

-Quantum Medicine International Certified Instructor 國際認可的量子醫學導師

-Bio Therapy Europe Certified Practitioner 歐洲(克羅地亞)認可的生物能量執行師

-Canada Quebec Le Centre De Resonance Cristalline Mineral Therapy Practitioner 加拿大魁北克省Le Centre De Resonance Cristalline認可的礦物質療法執行師

-Canada Quebec Le Centre De Resonance CristallinePhytotherapy Practitioner 加拿大魁北克省Le Centre De Resonance Cristalline認可的植物療法執行師

-Pranic Healing USA Certified Practitioner 美國認可的般尼克療法執行師

-Yuen Method USA Certified Practitioner 美國認可的袁氏技術執行師

-Energy Healing Practitioner for Pets and Human (Rejuvenation Healing and Water Healing for You and Your Pets) - 人類和寵物的能量治療師(可提供幫助您和寵物的恢復療法以及水療法)

-Power AVS Human and Animals Aura Consultant and Practitioner-Power AVS人體以及動物氣場氣輪專業分析師

-Neurosky Technology USA Certified Instructor - 美國認可的神念科技腦波教師

-AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging USA NCCAOM Certified Analyst - 美國NCCAOM認可的AcuGraph經絡數字成像分析師

-Laser and Micro Current Stimulator Auricular and Meridian Treatment (Registered USA NCCAOM Practitioner) - 美國NCCAOM認可的雷射以及微電流刺激耳穴與經絡的執行師

-Biological Electrical Meridian Therapist
(Register China Beijing Disciplinary Body Control Electrotherapy Medical Research Center Advance Practitioner) - 中國北京體控電療經絡硏究學院認可的高級生物電療經絡治療師

Love is the greatest source to become a successful energy healer!



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