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Pantha Joey Siu

體會幸福 Anand
Being a holistic health consultant and trainer, Quantum-Touch® Certified Practitioner and Instructor, Pantha, who blends his knowledge and wisdom in social work, psychology and counselling in his practice and teaching, is guiding clients and students to enjoy the road of joy and happiness in life.

作為一個身心靈的諮詢師及導師、美國 Quantum-Touch®註冊量子觸療治療師及導師,Pantha擁有多年社會工作、心理學、輔導的知識及實踐經驗。現時他致力於整合身心靈工具及輔導理論,成為其獨特的諮詢及教學模式,引領身邊的人體會「自主健康」的幸福喜悅。

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