Julie Wang 王世珍

Certified QT Practitioner /Level 1/EB Instructor; Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist 認證量子觸療療癒師,初階和精簡班


Houston, Texas, United States
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Contact Information

Phone: (+1) 713.254.9323
Alt. Phone: LINE or WeChat: wangtx23457
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Julie offers local and remote healing sessions, Quantum-Touch Level 1 in-person (QTL1), and Live Virtual (QTV1) workshops, Energy Boost in-person and live virtual mini-classes. To register a workshop/class or make reservations for healing sessions, Please email Julie at: or text Julie at: (+1) 713.254.9323, and indicate your name, phone number, email address, and which workshop/class and the location that you would like to join. 

Julie is a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Level 1 and Energy Boost Instructor, a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist, a certified Acess Bars Pratitioner, a civil/structural engineer, a photographer, a world traveler, a highly sensitive person, an empath, and an intuitive healer. 

Julie comes from a Buddhist and Taoist background, helping people and offering unconditional love, loving-kindness and compassion are what she passions, wishes and intention for her clients and teachings.

Julie has a master’s degree in civil engineering and has been working as a professional engineer and a structural designer (at the younger age) in the US, Taiwan, and England. 

Experiencing multiple back and hip injuries which caused severe misalignment and postural problems along with unbearable physical pains, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual distress after a Near Death Experience.

Searching for help, Julie’s friend introduced Quantum-Touch to her for self-healing and to reduce the pains. After receiving the first quantum-touch healing session, Julie felt that she had urgent needs to take multiple workshops to help learn more about energy healing and help herself. She took a series of workshops and practiced on herself and friends which started Julie's Quantum-Touch journey.

Julie has taken mutiple times of Quantum-Touch Levels I (5 times) & Level II (6 times), Quantum-Touch Supercharging (3 times), Quantum-Touch Self-Created Health (2 times), Gathering of Angels (2 times), Healing with Angels (1 time), Healing from Heaven (2 times) workshops, Energy Boost mini-class (2 times), Access Bars class, and Lympathic Enhancement Therapist training workshop.

As being a highly sensitive person and an emotional, physical and intuitive empath; Julie also studied various books, audio CD's, and listened to speeches about highly sensitive, empath, and an intuitive healer for self-continued educations.

After offered a series of healing sessions for herself and friends with shocking results, and her heart is fulfill with love and joys. Julie realized that she has so much enthusiasm about the Quantum-Touch work and other energy healing modalites. She decided to pursue her Quantum-Touch practitioner certification, as well as to be a certified Quantum-Touch instructor to promote and teach Quantum-Touch healing to benefit more people.

She has been practing all different kinds of healing modalities, combining her all knowledge and skills, fullfilling love and compassions when she works with her clients and students. She has been offering healing sessions to her clients with boosting energy, raising immune system, realigning skeletal, muscular structure, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulders), scoliosis, hips, psoas and pelvic tilt, piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve pains, osteoarthritis, reduce pain and swelling, facilitate the healing of injuries, allergies and sinus issues, snoring, inflamed throat, sleeping issues, strokes, stomach issues, injury of eyes, hearing disorder, emotional and trauma releases, pulmonary fibrosis, breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, and etc.

Julie integrates Quantum-Touch with her Spiritual practice of Buddhism and her knowledge of Chinese herbs diet, Zen's Meditations, Tai-Chi, yoga, exercises, and other methods of natural healing of herself and clients.




療程包括:面對面或遠距離療癒 (歡迎參加量子觸療現場及網上互動工作坊, 提升免疫力精簡班,和預約療程,有意者請用電子郵件與世珍,Julie聯絡), 請註明您的大名,電話號碼,電郵地址, 及想參加的課程和地點.

聯繫方式: 電子郵件(,短訊,手機 +1(713)254-9323, LINE (wangtx23457), 和WeChat(wangtx23457)

世珍(茱莉)是位認證授權的量子觸療療癒師 ,初階, 和提升免疫力精簡班指導講師,土木結構工程師,攝影師,世界旅遊者,高敏感/高靈性人,天生的共緒人/同感人, 也是位高靈性療癒師。


世珍(茱莉)擁有土木工程碩士學位,並在美國,台灣和英國從事了土木結構專業工程師和繪圖設計師( 較年輕時)的工作。



在接受第一次療程後,世珍(茱莉 )深深感到迫切地需要學習更多有關能量治療的知識, 來幫助她學習及自我療癒;因此參加多項不同的療癒訓練課程。

世珍(茱莉)學習了多次各種能量療法課程, 其中包括量子觸療初階(5次)和高階(5次),量子觸療的超級強化(3次),量子觸療的健康由我創(2次),與天使們齊聚(2次),與天使們共同療癒(1次),及來自上天的療癒(2次)工作坊的研習課程, 以及提升能量和免疫力精簡班 (2次)。

身為一位天生具有高敏感體質的人和一位情緒,身體,及高靈性的共緒人(共感者);世珍(茱莉)還自我進修選讀了各種書籍,CD音頻, 和聽不同的演講有關於高度敏感(高感應)的人,共緒人(共感者),以及高靈性的療癒師。

經過ㄧ連串幫自己和朋友的療程所帶來令人震驚的結果, 和心中充滿了愛和歡喜。世珍(茱莉) 意識到自己對量子觸療其他療法的熱愛.她決定成為一位被認證授權的量子觸療療癒師(量子共振執業師)和指導講師. 除了做療程外, 也推廣和指導教授量子觸療療法,使更多人受益.

她用大愛和一顆慈悲的心來運用所知不同的療法,並結合了她所有的知識和技巧,來幫助她的客戶們和學生們. 她曾幫過客戶們所做癒程的項目,包括激發自身能量, 提升免疫能力, 重新調整骨骼及肌肉結構,粘連性囊炎(五十肩),脊椎扭曲側彎,髖骨錯位,腰大肌和骨盤傾側,梨狀肌及坐骨神經痛,骨性關節炎,減輕腫脹和疼痛,促進傷口癒合,過敏,鼻竇炎和打呼問題, 喉嚨發炎, 睡眠問題,中風,胃病,眼睛傷害,耳鳴,顏面神經,抑癒,情緒崩潰,長期情緒積壓所造成的胸痛及心理上的深度創傷, 肺部纖維化,乳癌,肺癌及腫瘤,淋巴瘤等等。

世珍(茱莉)將量子接觸療融合了佛教裏的修行,與草藥結合的自然飲食,禪修打坐, 練太極拳與瑜伽,運動以及將其他所學的療法等知識相結合,相併運用在自己和客戶們的身上。

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