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by Quantum-Touch Founder, Richard Gordon.

This course is an expression of a life's journey of discovery. The audio library is a synthesis of essential information I've refined over the many years. I first became interested in alternative medicine back in the early 70s and have continued to study and refine a vast number of insights and protocols. Quantum-Touch 1 & 2, and Self-Created Health are clearly groundbreaking courses being taught around the world. However, my interests have always gone far beyond energy work and emotional healing. Ultimate health also includes taking greater responsibility for how we age.

We don't need to resign to the aging process as previous generations have done.

This is an invitation for you gain access to our Pendant Power audio library.

There is far too much information in this course to fit into a weekend workshop. That said, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. If you simply decide to change your life 2% a week, over the course of a year, everything will be different. Each thing that you alter will make you feel better now. If a ship changes it's course by a few degrees, it travels to an entirely different location. As we make small adjustments, we feel better and better.

I'm much more interested in Health Assurance than Health Insurance

Longevity takes a long time...

The Pendant Power course is broken down into over 60 chapters covering a wide range of subjects. Periodically, we will inform you when new chapters are added. You will get these updates, new insights, protocols, and discoveries at no additional cost. Beyond the audio chapters of the book, the course also includes many invaluable links to videos, and other resource materials when appropriate.

It is strongly advised that you have at level 1 experience with Quantum-Touch

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Pendant Power

7 Audios - Total 34:44 min

Introduction: Youthing vs. Aging

Audio 1

Introduction: True Life Purpose as the Right Motivation for Youthing

Audio 2

Dark Side of Youthing

Audio 3

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Light Side of Youthing

Audio 4

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Finding Your True Purpose for Life

Audio 5

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Declaration vs. Affirmation

Audio 6

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Applying Declarations

Audio 7

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