Roselyn Watson

Reiki Master, QT Instructor, Therapy Tutor
Gentle Touch


Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Contact Information

Phone: 01226 710998

Holistic Therapy Tutor specialising in relieving pain and/or stress by use of massage, therapeutic oils and energy healing.


Qualified in Aromatherapy, Medicinal Herbs, IHM, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Stress Management (Advanced), Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Acupressure, Reiki, Thai Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Holistic Facials and, of course, Quantum-Touch.


I have been interested in complementary therapies for as long as I can remember, using essential oils and herbs for many years to relieve minor ailments in myself and my family.


My employment background is in Law. I spent many years as a Personal Injury Lawyer during which time found that back injuries and whiplash injuries were difficult to treat successfully with conventional medicine.


I discovered Reiki following a short but intense period of illness and still spend at least one hour each day self-healing. During many self-healing treatments I experienced strong visions and intuitions pointing me towards formal training in Holistic Therapies and in particular to seek out modalities which could ease pain and stress related conditions.


The feeling was so strong that I started working part-time to allow time to devote to my studies, research and training. I now use this training to ease the pain and suffering of others and find this extremely fulfilling. However, I always felt that I needed something extra….

Quantum-Touch found me after I came across QT on the internet. It sounded amazing and I knew that this was the something extra I was looking for. I wasn’t wrong!


I attended a basic workshop and it was simply mindblowing. I followed this by becoming the first Certified QT Practitioner in my home town.

It seemed that everyone I knew wanted to share in the experience and were so impressed that they told other people. My practice increased by 50% in 9 weeks! 

I also "give back" by doing voluntary work as a complementary therapist at the local Hospice helping to relieve the pain and suffering of cancer patients.


I continued my QT studies, including attending Supercharging and Core Transformation, and QT Level 2 workshops, and am proud to have qualified as a Certified Instructor as I wish to pass on this amazing skill to as many people as possible. 

I am more than willing to travel to teach and have now held workshops in Cyprus, North Wales & South Wales, Liverpool, Athens Greece and Lisbon Portugal as well as at my own centre in Barnsley.


If you want a course where you live please get in touch and I'll be happy to arrange one with you.

Love and light,
Ros x