Lynn Roberts


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Contact Information

Phone: 083 264 8040 (Cell)

Having originally learned Usui Reiki together with my mum Gloria, we went on to complete Karuna Reiki Masters as well.  It was whilst researching breathing that we came across the QT website, read the book and shortly thereafter completed a DVD workshop!!!


We mainly use QT, but integrate other modalities (chakra balancing, intuitive energy scanning, Rife therapy & EFT) into a session as well.  Gloria and I always work together and believe that a more powerful level of healing is achieved this way - the results have been really amazing.  In addition, clients are also advised about breathing techniques, using positive affirmations and incorporating colour and crystals into their daily lives. 


Running DVD workshops has been a huge amount of fun and students are included in healing sessions wherever possible in order to gain experience and confidence and start working towards the hours required for practitioner status.


Our aim is to touch as many lives as possible and make a difference wherever we can.  We love the simplicity of QT – it is amazingly empowering and anyone can learn to use it!