Elizabeth M. Robinson


175 Woodville Alton Road
Hope Valley, Rhode Island, 02832, United States

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Phone: 401-364-3858
I have been an astrologer for 20 years and have always been especially interested in the health aspects as revealed in a person's birth chart. There is invariably a connection between what a person is experiencing physically or emotionally and the transits to their birth chart or progressed birth chart. Quantum-Touch is a lovely healing modality and, I find, can be even more helpful by connecting its energy to that ot the birth chart of the person. Because each degree of the zodiac has a correspondence to a specific part of the body; this can be also be helpful in opening up even more the area of the body that is in need of healing. Even if one only knows the birth date (and not the "time" of the birth) this, too, can be helpful. It has also been useful to draw up a chart for the timing of a healing workshop or individual healing session to gain a sense of what the planetary aspects are for that time frame and also for where the most potent energy fields are, in terms of healing work.