Linda Hutmacher


Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80908, United States

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Phone: 719-495-0655


   I am excited about sharing the amazing Quantum-Touch experience with you.  I have been healing with energy for over 16 years.  Like many, I got hurt and thought there had to be more than drugs or surgery - enter Alternative Healing.  My quest began with herbal remedies, and the passion grew.  It has expanded to several modalities, as healing others and myself is so rewarding.  Each mode layers upon each other in deeper spectrums (like expanding ripples in a lake).
    *Chakra clearing   *Angel therapy   *crystal healing   *herbs & oils   *colors 
    *vibrational healing    *cellular   *frequency/tuning   *EFT    *animal healing
    *past lives   *intuitive work
    *Reiki Master (Usui, Karuna Ki, Sacred Flame)
    *QT Basic   *Supercharging   *Core Transformation I   *QT II
   Along the way came the realization “all healing is from within,” and I merely tap into divine or universal energy to assist others in their healing.  My specialty - using chakras to tune & cleanse the emotional blockages, thereby allowing one's own body to release pain and heal itself.  There is nothing we can't heal or improve with energy healing and intention.  
   The ability to raise healing frequency energy has impacted my life.  People, pets, nature, the earth, lives and attitudes all benefit from QT's rejuvenating energy.  Quantum Touch has added extra dimensions & power to the healings, and is so inspiring with it's breadth and scope.   Infinite Possibilities!!          
    Certified QT Practitioner   

   Intuitive healer using energy, to facilitate pain relief and healing of physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances.  Join me in this journey of discovering ourselves.  Healings offered in person, or remote. 
Call or email me, to assist in your healing process or schedule an appointment.