Dr. Annette Dorfman


New York, New York, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 212-717- 6340

I have been involved in energy healing work since 1994 but consolidated my experience after having discovered Quantum Touch.  My background and previous experience are in Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychology and I worked as a Clinical Neuropsychologist for 12 years. I am a certified Quantum Touch practitioner with training in Core Transformation I and II, Quantum Touch Level II and Self Created Health.

In addition to utilizing energy work for physical and emotional difficulties, I incorporate traditional psychological techniques, meditation, stress management and EFT as needed and I facilitate group and individual meditation sessions.

Energy healing can be utilized on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional.  It is for that reason I am so drawn to this type of work.  I believe we are all interconnected and affect each other energetically on many levels.  I am humbled by the connection that we all share and very grateful to have found this path.

I am available for private sessions and/or distant sessions. If you or your pet would like an energetic healing session please call or email me.  Sending you love and light and good health.