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Giovanna Spadaro


Arlington, Massachusetts, 02474, United States

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Phone: 781-475-2036

As long as I can remember….I have wanted to help “make people feel better.” Some summers ago, when a friend alleviated dreadfully painful arthritic knee pain by “sandwiching the area and sending energy to it,” I absolutely felt I needed to know how I could do the same for others. It seemed that discovering Quantum-Touch was what I had been searching for since childhood, but I had no name for the process. What a wonderful way to manifest and legitimize gentleness and love in the world--I couldn’t wait to learn the techniques.

Now…I get positive feedback from clients but the testimonial I found most moving was from a woman having recurring dizziness and acute ear pain. When I asked her what her experience had been as I finished trying to alleviate her pain, she said: “I have never felt so at peace before…I just felt so loved and safe when you were working on me.”
This is a statement of what I hope all my clients will feel when I send energy to them: safe, loved, and "able" to be healed.