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The first time I saw a clock powered by a potato I thought, “Wow! If a potato can power a clock, what can the human body do and how can we access that energy?”   Quantum touch answered that question.

After a lifetime of helping family, friends, and co-workers using massage, Quantum-Touch revealed why healing sometimes happened and why my hands tingled at times.

I, like most other people, have dealt with health issues most of my life.  I always had a sense that touch and massage had the ability to assist in healing.  So, it wasn’t all that surprising that after many years working as a Quality Engineer in a high precision manufacturing company, I was called to find a way to help heal myself and others.  My body had become a constantly complaining victim of my inability to communicate with it.  One day, in a moment of realization that I was headed for a life of daily excruciating pain, I asked God for a way to live pain free or a way out of my body.  I was then blessed by a series of miracles that lead me to realize the power of my mind, my intentions, and my energy.  A move to The Big Island of Hawai’i facilitated my training in Quantum-Touch.

My goal is to spread Quantum-Touch to all who will listen and run energy on all whose energy level is in need of boosting.  This is the most beautiful way of sharing pure healing love I have experienced.  Healing circles produce an energy that can and does produce miracles.  Healing circles attended by loved ones are amazing expressions of love’s potential.  

The simplicity of this technique offers families with even small children a way to increase the potential of the entire family unit.  Quantum-Touch offers an easy way for each individual family member to feel loved and cared for.  This raises self esteem and respect which in turn may lead to decreased addiction and gang affiliation problems.  Quantum-Touch offers parents a way to literally ‘keep in touch’ with their kids.

I often work with a skilled Ha Lomi Lomi/ Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner and specialize in cranial sacral work. We have been told by many that our joint energies are very effective.  Please call for appointments or information.