Marijo Puleo, PhD

Energy Healer and Coach
Make Change Positive


Belmar, New Jersey, 07719, United States

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I specialize in helping clients with complex medical needs. I combine energy healing with coaching to support your emotional and relationship needs. 

I am a certified Brennan Healing Science practitioner from the four year Barbara Brennan Healing Science program, a Reiki Master as well as a Quantum Touch practitioner. I completed the Brennan Advanced Studies program which enables me to help you deepen your mind/body connection and healing process in a gentle, non invasive way.

For many years, I was an international management consultant working with leaders in organizations across many cultures. I am a Certified Professional Coach through Georgetown University.

I also wrote the book "How to Choose an Energy Healer" - available on Amazon and many other booksellers. This book is a step by step guide to assist you in finding a quality professional to meet your needs.

I am available for in person sessions or long distance via phone or Skype. For more information or to schedule an appointment online, please visit