Susan L. Gardner

Whitewing Ministries


Cabery, Illinois, 60919, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 815-918-4320

I am a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children, 3 grown young men with families of their own and 2 wonderful young ladies.  I balance my time with the many activities of life and the work of Whitewing Ministries.

I enjoy life and helping others.  I enjoy nature and love being outdoors.  My hobbies include working with animals, gardening, and outdoor recreations, like hiking and swimming.  I love the creative aspects of people.  I enjoy the arts, I love to draw and paint, and very into my music.

I am a Health and Wellness Consultant, a registered nurse, a medical intuitive, and have taught young people in a school setting for over 25 years.  At 55, I am now bringing together many forms of health and wellness modalities.  I have worked in the hospital ... Labor and Delivery, Mother-Child, CCU, ICU, and Neuro-peds.  I bring to that hospital based knowledge: midwifery, reflexology, acupressure, trigger point therapy, nutritional and exercise assessments and counseling, complementary herbals, essential oils, and the alternative healing modalities of energy medicine: Reiki, Quantum Touch, healing touch, and others.  I work holistically allowing the balance of the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental energy of a person.

I also focus on mental and spiritual wellness as the foundation to hope and wellness.  My knowledge and intuitive abilities allow me to help many people in aspects of their being- body, mind and soul.  I have been given knowledge, wisdom to individualize each consultation and give more balance into one’s life.   I believe that all aspects of healing and wellness are given to us through the LORD God, the Creator of All.  Within each of us, we have the ability to live in wellness. 

I understand that in this life I am only a piece of the puzzle, just as others have been a piece of the puzzle for me. I share the tools I have learned in life, helping others to live in wellness, preventing disease, giving hope in what may seem like a hopeless situation.

My times are flexible and can come to your home if that is more convenient for you. Rates are determined on a flex rate scale for those with need.