Islington Village Wellness Centre
3329 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 4H4, Canada

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Phone: 4168237279

Svetlana is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner & Instructor.

Svetlana was initially introduced to Quantum Touch through Richard Gordon’s book, and soon after enrolled into the Basic Quantum Touch live course where she immediately began applying this method. Svetlana’s clients have experienced improvement and clearing of a broad range of issues such as pain, structural misalignment, asthma, emotional distress, anxiety, depression, acute infection, sleeping problems… Her sessions are deeply relaxing as well as energizing, bringing healing on all levels. Treating people with any problem they bring, Svetlana equally enjoys working with children, youth, and adults (including seniors). She is grateful for the opportunity that this work gives her to meet new people – and not only to help them heal, but to empower them to make the most of their lives!

Svetlana is also a  Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Life Purpose & Holistic Wellness Coach, as well a Reconnective/Reconnection Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher (in Usui and Tibetan tradition, and a certified member of Canadian Reiki Association).  She also offers a powerful transformational energy sessions for clearing limiting beliefs, Advanced Pulse™, and Quick Pulse™ and Rolodex™, founded and developed by Jo Dunning. Svetlana is also studying a variety of meditation techniques and the many positive effects meditation can have on overall health. Through a wide spectrum of holistic and energy healing techniques she is able to offer the deepest and most complete healing for her clients.

Svetlana offers personalized coaching and energy healing sessions over the phone ( or skype) working with clients internationally. Also, she teaches both Quantum Touch and Reiki classes, and her passion and love for energy healing is so contagious that many of her students continue on the same path to learn about healthy living. You can also register for her next transformational workshop at .

You can awaken your healing abilities, too! Learn this simple but powerful energy healing method and immediately use it to heal yourself, and help your family and friends. For classes or to arrange a healing session bookmark and visit or contact her at: .