Leanne Van Wagner

Sacred Essence


Beaverlodge, Alberta, T0H 0C0, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 780-882-2584

Biography -

Leanne VanWagner... Intuitive Healer & Holistic Practitioner

Biopulsar Biofeedback Analyst, Reikimaster Teacher,                     Certified Life Coach, Crystal Bowls Meditations, 
Quantum Touch Instructor, Colour/Light Therapist,                          Healing Crcles & Ongoing Workshops

A lifelong resident of the Peace River Country, Leanne has two sons, two daughters-in-law and four fabulous granddaughters. She is married to her husband and best friend, Mike.

Her own inspiring story of personal growth includes overcoming insecurity from childhood poverty, dealing with the residue of a violent, abusive relationship and coming to terms with alcohol addiction.

In 2008 Leanne and Mike relocated to a rural setting in the Beaverlodge/Elmworth community. 

Leanne has a keen interest in the healing arts and has taken to the holistic path with grace and ease.      

Leanne is passionate about bringing alternative, holistic and spiritual awareness to her new community.

Enthusiastic about learning, Leanne attended workshops with practitioners such as Richard Gordon, Susanne Murphy, Karen Coogan and Matt Kahn.

Leanne travels & offers Workshops or Presentations in most of these modalities. She took her vibrant violet energy to the Love and Light Psychic Fair in Grande Prairie, AB in 2010, where she earned the nickname “The Rainbow Lady.”

Leanne also plays the Singing Crystal Bowls hosting Guided Meditations, Healing Circles and Individual Therapy sessions. In 2010 Leanne added Certified Life Coach training.

Leanne specializes in pain relief: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. 

On Leanne’s own journey, miracles, transformation, change, wonder and peace have transformed every area of her life.  Personal experience has shown her that pain & confusion are great motivators for change. Leanne, an intuitive healer uses different modalities to assist people on their journey to wholeness, healing & health.