R. Leah Moon

International Intuitive, Trans-dimensional Healer, Visionary Innovator
Owner - R. Leah Moon: Energy Medicine


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Texas, United States

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Phone: 1-806-341-7106
Alt. Phone: 1-806-341-7107
Powerful Approach! "Her work transcends time and space allowing her to reach beyond the dimensional restraints of more limited modalities." Result-Based - Natural - Practical - Easily Accessible - Fun! A life event - sessions do not stop when the appointment ends! "Leah has the ability to see and feel what is needed - all I had to do was let her know what I wanted and the work began. Thank you Leah for all your help. — Sharon C. "I hadn't thought of developing that piece of land." "I passed my national exams!" "My shoulder doesn't hurt anymore." "My cat is eating again." Natural - Practical - Easily Accessible - Fun! My work is at the energetic level, making phone, distant, and absentee work as powerful as in-person. My clients say it is more powerful because of the great outcomes they experience. Schedule directly on my website or call me to set up sessions that fit your needs. There is No Limit to What You Can Unfold in Your Life!