Cathy Hazell


Burlington, Iowa, 52601, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 319-753-1331
Alt. Phone: 319-572-1771

I have been practicing energy healing since 2005. I am a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor, and a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

I have found Quantum Touch to be the most effective energy healing method to work with and it also enhances other modalities such as Emotion Code, Reiki and The Yeun method.

For anyone seeking an alternative to mainstream medicine I would be delighted to assist you in your healing. Quantum Touch also works well in addition to mainstream medicine. I have seen wonderful results with back, shoulder and hip problems, emotional issues, enhanced wound healing, pain control, headaches, cancer, ease of pregnancy and delivery and much more.

I am very excited and extremely grateful to be living in a time that I am able to use my lifetime of spirit guided nurturing and years of studing many different healing modalities to help people heal themselves. I feel very fulfilled everytime I work with someone and see them relaxed, smiling and painfree afterwards. I believe everyone is deserving and has the ability to heal.

I am available for hands on healing sessions in the Burlington,Ia. area and distance healing sessions by appointment.

If you would like to learn Quantum Touch and attend a class or host a Basic Level 1 class please contact me.