Tamaine Geldenhuys

Agape Spiritual Healer /Quantum Touch Instructor/Spiritual Raindrop Examiner
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Raymond, Alberta, Canada

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Phone: (403) 345-3945

As a visionary, intuitive and a missionary my mission is to help/teach others to empower themselves.  When true empowerment is acceted, the ability to heal oneself becomes possible and miracles happen.


The innate self knows only truth and when the truth is accessed, facilitators are able to continue the circle to help others do the same.  This mission has guided and allowed the creation of Higher Essence Healing- the book and workshop, in which I am the author, creator and founder.  


I love facilitating healing work and empowerment, because it is always exciting and there is always something new to learn.  In truth,  I continue growing with each session/workshop.  Every client who becomes healed is an inspiration to me to continue helping people one client or class at a time.  


Life Essence (Life Force) is one of my favorite modalities to work with, because the outcome can be so profound in such a short time with nothing more then time and love. 


I am so thankful for finding a true "hands on healing".


I have created a Spiritual Raindrop Program, which combines the power of love and life to this powerful methodology. Utilizing the life force of plants through essential oils, intention, love, knowldege and integrity, healing is able to go to a deeper cellular level, allowing the DNA to remember the perfect blue print it was created with.  Through the frequency of harmonics (frequency, love, essence, sound, colors, and light) can come true healing.  


Please visit my web-site for a complete listing of all classes offered.   

Services Provided:

Quantum Touch sessions and Level I workshops, Distance Healing, Earth & Spiritual Raindrop, Vibrational Raindrop, Young Living essential oils, Higher Essence Healing and Self Created Health


Empower yourself to learn your truth and discove wellness is an option.