Wendy Van Duyne

Quantum Touch Practitioner
The Synchronicity Well Life Center


528 Howell Road
Suite 20
Greenville, South Carolina, 29687, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 864-534-5718
I believe that nothing happens in a vacuum and that in order to achieve true wellness, one must be balanced- physically, mentally, and emotionally.True wellness can only be accomplished when the heart, mind and body work together rather than at cross purposes. We use energy every day- to breathe, move, and think.  We must nourish our bodies to have the energy to do all these things, of course, but it is as equally important to nourish the mind and the soul.  What we think and how we feel impacts not only our daily decisions, but how we handle every day stress.  Depletions of energy at any level-heart, mind and body-affect the entire self. Stress is a serious problem, and can stop us from utilizing our energy at maximum potential, causing us to eat for the wrong reasons, disturbing our sleep patterns, and creating anxiety and frustration. The philosophy and techniques of Quantum Touch are perfectly suited to help us manage and overcome stress and the every day challenges of life, so that we achieve true balance. And a balanced life is a stress free life.