Marie Ruiz

Certified Massage Therapist---Natural Health Consultant---Holistic Aromatherapist
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P O Box 3002
Oakhurst, California, 93644, United States

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Phone: 559 760-3866
Alt. Phone: 559 658-2433

I Have been practicing energy work since 1988. I learned Regenesis from Robert Rasmusson which is now Quantum Touch. I continued to educate myself in the natural health field learning reflexology, touch for health, massage therapy, natural health consulting and holistic aromatherapy. I have always been interested in herbal health and now am taking a course to become a certified herbalist.  I do many modalities of massage therapy and have been practicing it for 20 years. I also taught massage at the Therapeutic Learning Center in Fresno California for four years. Connecting mind body and spirit, having natural balance & the power of touch is something we all need in life for natural survival. I am so fortunate and blessed that I can do the work I am so passionate about and I continue to be amazed with the results. 

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Wishing you love & light