Hitomi Sasaki


Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

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QTを通じて家族や友達が体の痛み、心の痛みが和らいだと伝えてくれ、私自身癒されます。少しでも皆さんの体の痛み、そして心の痛みを癒すお手伝いができればと思っています。 お気軽にご連絡くださいね!

*クォンタムタッチ レベル1認定プラクティショナー*

*クォンタムタッチ レベル2認定プラクティショナー*


I cannot find any words other than “fate” to describe my encounter with Quantum-Touch. Honestly, when I first came across Quantum-Touch, I started to suffer from severe insomnia and nightmare. However, after a few sessions, my whole family started to experience a real Me again. They were pretty surprised and relieved that I was finally sleeping peacefully and the fact that the “sleep whenever and forever Hitomi” has come back!


I always had a huge interest in psychology and healings since I was a small child. As a kid, and even till now, I enjoyed playing with nature. I simply used to touch and feel the temperatures around me and the energy that derives from them. An example is the Sun and from what I believe its definite healing powers. When I first found Quantum-Touch, I just knew that “This is it!” I found the route of empowerment for my life.

From what I have learnt, I am aiming to progress further by studying all the other forms of healings available to help overcome and heal the pains. During all these wonderful sessions with Quantum-Touch, I loved to speak, listen, and share a lot of my life’s aspects with you. I also enjoyed your advice and most importantly your presence there with me. 


Please Don’t Forget!! I am available by appointment for the Healing Sessions and Distance Healing sessions available in either English or Japanese.


Thank you Quantum-Touch for your miraculous healing of me!!


I finally found myself again!


*Certified QT Level 1 Practitioner *

*Certified QT Level 2 Practitioner *