Eileen Casey Gonzalez

Certified QT Practitioner & Level One Instructor


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Eileen Casey Gonzalez has been involved with Spiritual Energy Healing for over 25 years. Through her experience in working with Energy Healing, Quantum Touch has been the most effective technique she has encountered. This is true to her not only as a Practitioner of Energy Healing but also as the recipient of various modalities through the years.

In her life Eileen has been dedicated to her own spiritual development and being of service. She is a hard working volunteer with a Spiritualist Church, the Spiritual Science Fellowship, in Halifax, Nova Scotia ( and is an Ordained Minister. She has a Bachelor of Therapeutic Counseling, is a Certified Hypnosis Therapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist and is a business owner based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Eileen is thrilled by the blessings and opportunity of teaching and working with individuals with Quantum Touch. She feels highlights of her life and the times of greatest joy have come from sharing with others. She knows that following ones bliss in life leads the way to true personal satisfaction. Working with Quantum Touch and teaching the technique is both an honor as well as a pleasure. It is a great part of following her bliss on her life’s path.

You may contact Eileen easily through her website's contact form at