Victoria LoPiccolo

Quantum Touch Practitioner


St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Contact Information

Phone: (314) 783-9494



Victoria believes in the ‘whole person’ approach to wellness to help facilitate the client’s own healing process.  The entire body is an integrated and connected whole, in which balance or imbalance in one area, affects the entire structure.  Helping vital energy to move, thus reducing blockages and overall stress is key to helping the brain and body maximize to optimal potential.  By changing your brain, you are also changing your body. These techniques may allow one to think clearer and faster, learn easier, have better memory, perform better under pressure, relieve stress and pain, heal wounds and injuries faster, interact more effectively with others, and overcome ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning disabilities.  By using emerging knowledge and techniques, the quality of life may be greatly improved.

She is proficient in distant healing and giving in-person healing sessions.   Repeated amazing results are very rewarding.  Quantum Touch® provides positive results by stimulating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Quantum Touch is a wonderful blessing.  Because her practice is selective, she is able to treat clients with the personal attention they deserve.

Victoria works with people with physical and/or emotional issues. Victoria attracts people of all ages, many of which are looking to change their life. 

Victoria is knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic and intuitive in her approach.  Her passion is to help people reach their full potential and attain their heart’s desires.

Please feel to call. She can be reached at (314) 783-9494.


Provided in office

Long distance

House calls are available

Concierge services are provided to regular clientele


I also work well with pets and love doing so.


Appointments may be arranged by phone by calling (314) 783-9494.

                      Striving for health and wellness on all levels,

              realizing it is a step by step journey to claiming good health.


                        Change Your Mind.  Change Your Life!