Plumchit Keawsai

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner
LRC -Thailand Centre


359 Prachauthit 57, Toongkruh
Bangkok, Bangkok, 10140, Thailand

Contact Information

Phone: Cellphone: 668-4010-7272
Alt. Phone: 662-427-8097

Quantum Touch Practitioner 

Crystal Healing Therapist        

Reiki Therapist

Child Behaviour Therapist – Autistic and Hyperactive Children

I am a primary school teacher for students who need special care and understanding.  I work with many autistic children, especially those with anger issues.  When I use Quantum Touch on the children, they calm down right away.  They are able to play and work with the other children.  Quantum Touch works very well on the mental and emotional levels.  I also use QT when my students  hurt themselves.  The pain is reduced almost immediately.  I like to work with crystals and QT at the same time.  They work very well together.  The crystals are enhanced by the breathing techniques we use in Quantum Touch.

 Life was very difficult before I starting using healing techniques such as Quantum Touch and Crystal Healing.  I had a hard time calming my students and managing my classes.  Now I teach more autistic students and I have much better control of them all. 

I am one of the practitioners at the LRC Centre Thailand.  Please call for an appointment.