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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Phone: 613-226-1129


Lynn specializes in change...finding your passion in life ... Energy healing and wellness through nutrition using powerful antioxidants, meditation and self exploration and personal growth. Certified in NLP, Time Visualization, Hypnosis and Quantum Touch.  Lynn is a certified Quantum Touch level 1 instructor and practitioner.


 She assists individuals to let go of negative beliefs such as, "i'm not good enough" or "i don't deserve to be happy" increasing their confidence and embracing uncertainty. Through her own research and her studies in NLP she has a clear understanding of brain training and how the brain is able to connect new neurons and pathways; If you have the will to change, you will find stregnth through her guidance and ultimately realize that change is possible... the importance of the connection of body mind and spirit have lead Lynn in knowing that the possibilities are endless.  Change IS possible and she believes that when we change our beliefs, our thoughts behaviors and attitudes will also change. Our lives change.  When we re-connect with our Spirit Soul powerful changes will  take affect once you stop the busy mind and focus on empowering your thoughts.


Lynn uses Quantum Touch to clear any energy and chakra imbalances in the body stemming from painful memories of past experiences or trauma which may also  lead to chronic disease or pain.  She uses Quantum touch and acupressure to clear energy blockages in the body, helping you to relax, to reduce stress, reducing pain from arthritis and injury. She also uses sound therapy and meditations to clear the chakras and she has nutritional products and ph balancing formulas to heal the body and also techniques such as FIR Saunas and Tzoning to detox.  Providing energy in the body through good nutrition assists to help the body heal and also prevents autoimmune disorders and inflammation caused by toxins from foods which are over processed.  



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Lynn also provides over the phone consultations and distance healing and provides Quantum touch for dogs. 

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