Alex Fong


All Regions, Hong Kong

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Alex's interest in Quantum Touch received a quantum jemp following his encounter with Quantum Touch Founder Richard Gordon.

QT is about how energy can be harnessed to create miraculous transformations in the body, mind and spirit

As an executive with years of experience in Government ,commerce and industry, Alex comes across so many busy executives who get stressed out without their knowing and when they suddenly confront reality that may be hard to swallow, they would say " how I wished I had..."

There can be a different path.......

In so far as all living things are connected at the Quantum level, QT techniques can be applied to animails, plants and human beings.

What is amazing is that QT is fully compatible with all religious and contemplative practices across culture, over time and space.

For anyone who believes in " happiness lies in giving" , QT offers a set of practical techniques to allow this belief to be put into practice as a matter of daily routine.

For anyone who cares to receive, let me give.