Dr Irene Lau


Hong Kong

Contact Information

Phone: 852- 82013322

Dr. Irene Lau ,PhD, FIIM, ACIS, has been practicing Tai Chi and Qi Cong for over twenty years before she came into encounter with Quantum Touch.

Notwithstanding her archived knowledge of “Qi” or “ life energy” with different masters, Irene has come to the realization that what she has learnt from various life-force energy can be encapsulated in the teachings of Quantum-Touch, which has the advantage of being simple to learn and easy to understand. 

Having been a professor in knowledge management for decades teaching in Hong Kong and the States, Irene has learnt the skills of delivering classes which are not only interesting but inspiring.  

As a Certified Quantum Touch Instructor, Irene is in a unique position to help her students to make their learning journey through energy healing a memorable and rewarding experience.