Diana Cheng

Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner, B.A.Sc.
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: (604) 790-8833
My focus are body parts that are not accessible by physical manipulation, including:

  • brains
  • internal organs
  • body parts held immobile because of broken bones, tendons,etc.
We cannot massage bruised brains, broken bones or tendons that are held in casts.  However, Quantum-Touch® can send live energy through the skull/cast to improve circulation deep inside brains, organs, and to cells that are deep inside your body.   Quantum-Touch® is an excellent tool to resolve energy blockages, which can be caused by:

  • physical injuries,
  • negative emotions, or
  • simply tight muscles from too much sitting and poor postures!

These blockages reduce blood flow, causing oxygen deprivation, which leads to pain and illnesses (often labelled as chronic or incurable).  Self-healing can be dramatically sped up when there is sufficient blood circulation, which provides oxygen and nutrients for repair and regeneration.  I use Quantum-Touch® to relax specific troubled-areas in the body, resolving energy blocks.

Here is what you can expect when you come to see me:

  1. Client Intake: You will be asked to fill out an intake form, which allows me to understand what is physically and emotionally bothering you.  (I will assist you if you are unable to fill out the form.)
  2. Energy Work: I use Quantum-Touch® and other modalities to ressolve energy blockages. (You will feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace!  You may also feel warmth or tingling in the areas that I work on.)
  3. Blood Circulation: Once energy blockages are resolved, your energy flow and blood circulation will improve.  (More oxygen, and nutrients carry to areas that need healing.)  Blood circulation (血) and energy flow (氣) are tightly related.  In fact, they are one single phrase (血氣) in Chinese.
  4. Mind-Body Relaxation: Your mind and body will be more relaxed.  This include your now "more spacious" circulatory system being able to flush out toxins efficiently.  (Think bigger pipes!)
  5. Self-Healing Continues After Each Session: Once energy blockages are resolved, your body will continue the healing process.
  6. Sustainable Health: As symptoms improve, you will be in a better state to welcome other health changes to sustain a healthy, vibrant life. 
I believe that pain and suffering are opportunities for us to gain new perspectives in life, and ultimately learn how to live happily.  Therefore, my goal is not only to “get rid of bodily pain” for you, but also to gently guide you to find joy in life.  It is very wise to seek treatment for injuries as soon as possible before your body physically compensate and your mind mentally settle in with the injury/trauma.

Feel free to give me a call at (604) 790-8833 if you are wondering how I can help you.