Chan Wai Wah

Chan Wai Wah 陈伟华


North Point, Hong Kong 香港北角
Jiujiang, Nanhai, Foshan 中国广东省佛山市南海区九江镇
All Regions, China

Contact Information

Phone: 852 65582928
Alt. Phone: 86 13911473791

I have been practicing Traditional Chinese chi gong for over fifteen years. I was introduced by my friend to Quantum Touch by chance and I was, and am impressed by its power, effectiveness and simplicity.

我练习传统中国气功已有十五年之久, 在一个偶然的机会下得到朋友的介紹, 认识了量子疗法, 它简单的使用方法和極强的治疗效果深深的吸引了我。

When giving therapy to my clients, I combine the traditional Chinese chi gong and Quantum Touch Healing Energy during the healing process. The result is amazing.

在为客人做治疗时, 过程中我会用量子疗法配合传统中国气功, 效果是出奇的好。

Languages: Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), English

語言: 中文(廣東話,普通話), 英語

I can be contacted by phone at: 852 65582928, 86 13911473791; or by email