Anfal Al Qaisi


P.O. Box 15118
Manama, All Regions, Bahrain

Contact Information

Phone: 00973 39600555

   I come from Bahrain which is an Island in the Arabian Gulf with a population of approximately 1000000.I started my journey in energy healing work 11 years ago when I took a course in Reiki ( Jin Kie Do) and was amazed with the power of healing by using the Universal Life Force. Since then I became a Reiki practitioner and have always been fascinated by the unlimited possibilities of healing people with Reiki especially for those who are desperately in need of it. Then I came to know about QT and was further fascinated with its powers and its fast results in a very short time.

Aligning the bone structure of the human spine has inspired me to take it as a path in my life religiously.  I have decided to increase the awareness of the people in my area to practice this amazing procedure of healing. This is my ultimate goal. I have taken QT level 1 and level 2 workshops with Richard Gordon in 2011.

   Clients that have experienced healing with me were in a total state of peacefulness and acceptance because of the disappearance of pain in a very short time.  I have discovered some useful techniques that I use personally in my healing sessions, and which have lead to advanced treatments of me and my clients. By practicing more healing, my power has increased in a very noticeable manner.

My goal is to spread awareness of QT among the people in my region so they can benefit from this amazing method of healing.