Mak Sui Chu, Connie

Certified QuantumTouch Level 1 Instructor and Practitioner


Kowloon , Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact Information

Phone: 852-51910103
Alt. Phone: 886-989088462

QT 是一種無需任何儀器 , 藥物 的療法 , 非常有效而無任何副作用 , Connie 自從2008年接觸QT 後 , 一直為自己 , 身邊的家人 朋友等 解決了不少身體痛症問題 , 而且還增強了自身的免疫能力 . 2013 年成為導師 , 致力令更多朋友懂得用 QT 幫助自己及身邊人.

Quantum Touch is simple healing technique , we all can learn .

You don't need to be special because you already are.

There is not mystery and it works.

For everybody. No exceptions.

I invite you to experience Quantum Touch with me.


By Appointment through email or phone