Cheryle Kiara Holmes

Kiara Sanctuary


8 Carlton Court
Carlton, Tasmania, 7173, Australia

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Phone: 0438881065

Thought is all…………..Unconditional Love is the key….. 

Kiara Sanctuary

8 Carlton Court, Carlton, 7173

Tasmania Australia

Mobile: 0438881065 

“Kiara Sanctuary” is a place offered for respite for lightworkers and those needing a space to rest and heal in a loving and caring environment. 

Kiara is a Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner and spiritual workshop coordinator. 

About Kiara:She has been involved with the healing scene for many years using Reiki and other intuitive and spirit guided techniques. She spent ten years in a multi disciplinary therapy centre, offers space to stay and heal in the Hobart region, close to the beach and other facilities. 

Kiara offers:

Quantum Touch Therapy

Aura and Chakra cleanse/balance/energize

Working gently and intuitively together with clients to release stored emotions

Shiatsu Massage Machine.

Zen chi and Chi Machine to soothe the body‘s nervous system, improve circulation, oxygen flow and energy levels, plus other benefits

Health Buddie products to assist with bodily discomforts, sales and sessions.

Jade anti ageing electronic facials using gem, colour and sound therapy                           


On Quantum Touch– My clients are surprised at the speed and effectiveness of how QT works!! I find combining what I have done for years with QT produces an optimum result. 

My spiritual beliefs are with our Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom, and all the other light realm kingdoms of our creator. I feel the Telos Teachings hold great promise.    

I sing and play 12 string guitar and enjoy giving to my audience. I have been told that when I am doing this, I project my strongest light and that it is a huge source of healing for many and a core method of healing on many levels. So together with the music and healing abilities I have been gifted with and learned along the way,  I feel blessed in being able to assist others.                         


Consulting in:   Hobart region

Available to travel in Tasmania as needed if client numbers.

Distant healing sessions also available. 


All therapies are offered with empathy, love and holistic compassion, are uplifting and impart a feeling of peace and well being