Deborah Dillon

QT Practioner


Chicago, Illinois, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 3129071036
Alt. Phone: 3129071036

Deborah has a holistic healing passion. She incorporates herbal teas, crystals and Reiki into her Quantum Touch practice. She studied energy and"pill free" pain relief techniques as a hobby for 25 years. In 2008,she received Reiki attunements and became a Reiki Master in 2013. That same year she became primary caregiver for her mother who had Atzheimers and advanced dementia. In addition,her mom had: diabetes,blindness in one eye,GERD(acid reflux),osteoarthritis,sciatica,peripheral arterial disease,heart disease,emphysema  plus foot and dental issues. She had 11 doctors.

 To alleviate her mothers discomfort, she researched the relationship between Quantum Touch and Reiki. She found that synergy brought rapid,lasting relief to her mom. She now easily incorporates both energy techniques into her sessions.

Her focus is on quick relief of chronic pain. She markets a line of pain relief and pain management teas for rheumatoid/ arthritis, gout ,kidney stones and joint aches. Learn more about the teas  

 She is grateful to be a Practitioner of Quantum Touch; and sees it as a profound blessing and privilege from God. She is equally grateful for the opportunity to share it with you and help you heal. She recommends a minimum regimen of 2- 4 sessions for chronic pain; and offers discounted rate packages.  Initial sessions are $75; subsequent sessions are $60 and distance sessions are $50. Each session length is depending on your health issue or pain level; and includes crystals and complimentary tea. Contact: or 312-907-1036


"mom had 99 problems;but pain was not one"