Paul Roche

Learn to Heal


Muswell Hill
London, N10, United Kingdom

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Phone: +44 (0) 20 8365 3673
Alt. Phone: +44 (0) 7811 962 123

Learn to Heal is that unique journey each of us takes to make contentment, well-being, harmony, health and happiness the focus of our life experience.

Paul Roche has been on his own journey of self-healing during which time he has qualified and practiced in various massage techniques as well as learning and teaching meditation. It is through much reflection, introspection and experience that Paul has come to heal himself and realize the unlimited potential that absolutely everyone has to heal themselves.

His very practical approach and academic background in science has been responsible for shaping Paul’s outlook on life. He spent several years in his family business as well as a customer service manager and more recently working for a housing association providing housing needs for the vulnerable and elderly.

As a service to the local and wider community, Paul volunteers and is often invited as an international speaker in the field of personal development and is known for his calm, light and humorous nature. He regularly addresses many people on topics like creating harmonious relationships, finding inner calm, defining true purpose and ways to bring about a meaningful life. One of Paul’s passions is bringing together and rolling out self-help orientated panel discussions, workshops and seminars for the benefit of the interested public either solo or in collaboration with associates. He trained in the USA with David Cooperrider the creator of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and co-developed 'The Peace Workshop' which was rolled out worldwide.

Paul has trained in Pranic healing as well as Bio-Energy healing under the guidance of Master Zdenko Domancic in Slovenia in 2012 and subsequently learned Quantum Touch levels 1 and 2 as well and QT Self Created Health and practices an inspired and unique blend of energy healing techniques. Being a 'people's person', he senses others' needs for self-healing and once introduced he is often invited as a healing therapist to actively complement their own self-healing process. Consequently Paul now possesses plenty of rich healing experiences. He is a trusted and supportive presence for clients to bring about remarkable and at times almost instantaneous self-healing client experiences. In addition there are equally striking recovery responses from clients to distance healing therapy sessions.

f you would like to book a Quantum Touch healing treatment either in person or via distance healing or need more information, please visit , send an email to or phone +44 (0)7811 962 123.