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122 Leach Highway
Perth, Western Australia, 6107, Australia

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Phone: 61 8 94514113
Alt. Phone: 61 0428 550 169

I started my journey in natural therapy in the early 90s with Swedish and Remedial Massage, including Reflexology from the Academy of Natural Therapies, Perth. I branched off into Kinesiology and that took me on a wave of different courses in this modality. I had the joy of working with children and adults .Brain Gym played an important part in my sessions as a follow up for clients. I use it in Primary schools when I work as a Relief Teacher at present.

Between 1994 and 2000 I was an Instructor for Touch For Health and gave courses in it. In my sessions I drew my knowledge from the different sources as in Integrative, Educational and Applied Kinesiology, Flower essences, Tibetan Figure 8 and EFT.

I have given TALKS to staff of Primary schools in Perth showing  them  how to stay integrated, grounded and energised. I have given TALKS to small groups , how to manage STRESS and stay grounded.

I give short Workshops in the Law of Five Elements, Brain Gym, Reflexology by way of information to Adults who wish to use the tools and knowledge for themselves

Other Qualifications are:

Advanced  Facilitator in Psych-K

Quantum Touch I and II

Training as Practitioner for Emotion Code by Dr Brad Nelson current

Completed MASTERY course of energy work by Carol Tuttle  2013-14

Asended Spaces Healing to be Practitioner current




You have a special gift working with children. They respond to your patient and gentle energy...having a teaching background helps you to connect deeply with are gifted in having the knowledge and expertise in a whole range of modalities which help children  and adults to shift negative energy patterns in their lives.. just as my two sons have done so thank you   Jennifer G     94-97

Florence has an intuitive knowledge, knows how to find out the cause and helps you to release it  mc

May 2009


I had one session with Flo and she blew me away...i am usually tough to break through, but with that 1 session, i was dazed and astounded at her magic powers in healing...i have been battling claustrophobia for a long time which has effected my freedom...since i have seen you, you have released most of my fears and feelings of unworthiness...i now feel i have more control of my life and choices...Gallina   2009


TALKS given to adults anywhere between 50 to 70+ years old   in 2013

Yes I have received your mail. Thanks for the classes I enjoyed them and I am sure I will continue to feel the benefit of the exercises

Moira                          august 2013

Excellent introduction to brain gym...lots of exercises i could double doodling    Laila  7.8.2013

Flo is a  beautiful and gentle  presenter and teacher   I love the exercises  Gia                            

Wow, i feel like i can keep going with hope feelings...Thank you  Irene  P                                                   

Feel better already  after only 1 week...brain feels lighter, good feeling too      Sue                               


Depression released  and being monitored

My mum was on high medication for depression. I brought her to

Florence and after a few sessions for  4 months she progressed slowly but she walks arm in arm with my dad and they’ re living in love !!!

2012   sanjay

Knee pain disappeared

My mum Florence had always done natural therapies.   8.10.13

I popped in for a visit home on the weekend (5 October.)  2013

In passing I mentioned how I'd had been having a sore knee for a week. I worked all day for the Dockers grand final and as I don't stand and walk in my regular job. So the backs of both my knees were super sure that weekend. As I've had a meniscus injury to my left knee, I think this is why it was still sore a week later. 

Mum said she'd do some distance work or energy work on it, can't remember what this technique is called.

I could feel more sensations in my knee on Sunday.  Monday morning I didn't feel conscious of the pain. Monday night I was at the gym for a personal training session 30mins followed by another 30 mins on my own.

Today I rode around 10kms on my bike to, from and around work.  Realised that somewhere between Sunday and Monday my knee started to feel totally right again that I didn't even notice it.  You only tend to notice pain when it's there, you don't always notice it's absence.

Thanks Mum, I can cross my legs again :)

Cheers Christine  2013


Exam gitters

I was supervising  a school leaving examination today for 3 hrs...these were students that were of special needs ...a young 6 footer student  was sitting in front and never stopped shaking his legs while doing his paper for the first one and a half hours I was was painful to see it..I .decided to send him energy... why not?   iI worked on his chakras grounded him  and sent energy to his spine... after 2 mins he stopped  shaking  ...I continued   for 5 min more and couldn’t believe my eyes  ...he stopped  ...just intermittently he'd shake for 10 sec  and then stop

I believe the energy shifted them for the better... thank you universe for this healing

F G  Nov 2013


After Thyroid operation

No I can’t say I felt anything but I think the swelling on my neck has reduced a bit compared to what it was last Wednesday, and it feels less stiff.

Thank you so much Florence.    LJ  2013 


Members from my TALKS

Once a month or so   we share  heart/ hands on energy...over a cuppa and revise Brain Gym or muscle testing  tools which I have taught and questions asked...they enjoy coming to this group



  "Quantum Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers."

            Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

            Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association

Quantum Touch is a modality that everyone is capable of learning , even children. Breathing  techniques are taught and how to increase one’s energy comes with practise as in a daily routine.

        Where there is  pain, swelling , bruising or broken bones Quantum Touch is very safe as one may  not  have to touch the injured area. Energy can be sent remotely. Once you apply  the techniques  blood circulation increases, it opens up the blockages, decreases pain  and the flow of energy begins.

An easy to learn modality every adult should know the basics of how energy moves and heals.

I personally use it all the time and even send it long distance

You can do level I online or attend a live class.

Contact me if you so desire, Will connect you to an Instructor in Perth or world wide

I do private  or distant sessions in Kinesiology , Quantum Touch and  Psych-K.  Long distance is done via skype or proxy or phone. Contact by  phone / email is necessary

Take control of your health!  Change the way you think, increase your knowledge to help empower you with the ability to change the way you live! You will have a vision/goal for better health!

Life is simple, keep it that way! Have 'fun' each and every moment of everyday!

I am registered with the

 International Association of Health Providers


  International Institute for Complimentary Therapies

For more information and amazing stories on the healing abilities of Quantum-Touch visit the Quantum-Touch® website.



Contact :  Florence   George                                         

For  Kinesiology sessions  / Quantum Touch  / Psych-K /Emotion Code or Asended Spaces    Private or distant sessions

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Integrated Healing Coach

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