Chiu Man Ng, Catherine

Certified QT Practitioner
ChiuMan Ng Catherine


Singapore, Punggol, 823256, Singapore

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Phone: 65-82088022

After a career that spans 30 years as an outdoor cameraperson in the televison industry, besides counting the many good memories of an active work life, I have inadvertently acquired repeated injuries to my knee causd by operating heavy equipments

Over the years, I sought help from both Chinese and Western medical practitioners and other physical therapists. My condition has not improved much especially with regard to my right leg injury. Sometimes it got so painful to walk that I had to use a cane for support. I started practicing Quantum Touch in 2012. With persistent efforts and within a few months, my pain disappeared. I no longer had to take pain killer-a testimony to the wonder and power of Quantum Touch. QT is truly a healing modality without limits.

While working with my clients, I experience love and joy while running energy. I come to realiz that the universal life force energy is truly beyond the limit of time-space.

Testimony from clients :

AW : "Amazing ! the wrist pain that has bothered me for the past few weeks is gone within 30 minutes "

Chan :" The itchy rashes on my hand vanished in next morning "

Maggie : " I feel comfortable when you put your hand on my heart and my breathing was back to normal again ".

WH : " Now I can sleep well through the night. My lower back pain no longer wakes me up ".

Connie : My kitten has suffered from urinary tract infection, she got her spirit back after few QT distant healing and soon she was fully 


Eva : I have suffered progessive pain from plantar fascitis for over four months, just one session of QT reduced the pain by more than half.

Raymond : Tension pain on right side of head has feeling of something warm travelling from right foot towards to body.

                   Feeling of less tension after the session.

Angelina :  Shoulder pain, when energy runs , hands have a tinkling feels of light electric current. Thereafter the pain was no felt.


I am grateful to Richard Gordon for bringing Quantum Touch to the world and his teaching that " healing work is all about love". This motivates me to become a QT practitioner to share love and compassion with all sentient beings .


在過去27年從事電視台攝影師的工作, 除了帶給我很多美麗的回憶外, 還有一身勞損傷痛. 多年來我看過不少中西醫及物理治療,但一直沒有太大改善, 右腳曾經痛得不能走路需靠拐杖輔助一段日子.直至在2012年我學會QT之後竟在短短幾個月內將積年累月的勞傷疼痛完全治癒, 不需要服用任何藥止痛. 這是我親身體驗的奇妙改變. 所以QT實是一門 " 無限及沒有不可能 " 的自然療法. 我每天都會持續練習.

在幫助他人診療時輸送能量的過程中, 能量亦同時在我體內發揮自癒功效, 益己益人.更重要的是令我感受到喜悅和愛使我明白到這股力量是最自然不過, 原本就一直存在着, 沒有時間和空間的限制.


AW:"太棒了 !幾個星期前一直困擾着我的腕痛竟在30分鐘內完全消失."


Maggie:"當你把手放到我的心輪時我感到很舒服, 且呼吸再回到正常狀態".


我感恩Richard Gordon把QT帶給我們.

QT那份無分別心的宗旨是帶着慈愛去對待一切生命和事物, 這驅使我要决心成為QT治療師將慈悲與愛和所有眾生一同分享.