Shawnna Kaufman

Quantum Touch Practitioner


Kingman, Kansas, 67068, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 620-532-4149
I choose to live my life from the heart and to always look for the good in everyone.  Learning to be present and not just exist.  Being blessed with some intuitive gifts and being a caregiver all my life allows me the ability to help others if they open their hearts.  I choose to live my life on purpose helping those that want to help themselves.  Consciously living from my heart presents a direct reflection to all those around me.  Letting my Faith be bigger than my Fear and practicing Gratitude for the day no matter what happens because it has happened in my journey to learn and grow. I can absolutely testify that each day is NEW and there are obstacles. Note to self: Embrace them and learn.  Surrounding myself with others that are positive and want to impact others lives in the same way is a gift!

Shawnna Sutton Kaufman