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Carlsborg, Washington, 98324, United States

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Phone: 360-683-8998

Welcome!  I am passionate being able to share my God given alternative gifts with your entire family- you, your human family and your animals.  I am a born again Believer so filter my understanding and use of alternative wellness modalities through a Biblical world view filter.  I DO welcome clients of any and every faith if your goal is to seek wellness :)  .  I have claimed and exercise my 9th amendment rights to practice and educate in alternative wellness.  Per the FDA I will not treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any diseases, but I will teach YOU how to gain and maintain wellness.  I work with clients worldwide in person, by phone or skype and by email.

I assist others and their animals with chronic pain, structural misalignments, injuries & burns from mild to severe, toxicities, first aid education and dis-ease conditions of all kinds whether inherited or acquired.  I can offer HOPE even when your doctor or veterinarian just shrugs their shoulders at the situation you face.

My formal training- degrees and certifications.  I offer services in all of these fields and many times overlap my training for a true HOLISTIC model.  I also take into consideration emotional habits that may cause degeneration in parts of the body so that you are aware of these so that you can begin to make positive changes.

Master's Degree in Herbology and Master Herbalist, Nutritional Herbalist, Family Herbalist.  I am a Vitalist (cause oriented) and follow Hippocrates "do no harm".  I do not work with habit forming, toxic or poisenous plants or methodologies.  I do work with medicinal grade whole herbs without fillers.

Certified Reflexologist in the State of Oregon.  Very relaxing and so health promoting as I work pressure points in your feet and/or hands that encourage wellness in other organs and structures around your body.  I practice aromatherapy reflexology.

Internationally Certified Aromatherapist (essential oils). I work with and sell non mlm pure, medicinal grade steam distilled essential oils.

Diplomate of Holistic Iridology - reading the iris to assess wellness levels of your organs and body structures. You recieve a 30 - 40 page report. Catch conditions before they are symptomatic! I am also Equine Certified and also do pets/livestock/other creatures.

Quantum Touch Practioner-  I love watching God use this to help people's bodies to heal themselves of chronic pain, structural issues, injuries and conditions of the mind and body.  I consider Quantum Touch an important part of cleansing and nourishing the system for optimum and abundant wellness as I enable your body to rebalance itself in its bioforce energy.  I have live level one and two training and have studied & practice the video and bookwork available on Quantum Touch Supercharging.  I work with both humans and animals and have watched amazing things happen.

My book is available for sale:  "The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal" an over 500 page easy to follow textbook on herb and essential oil use.  It can be and is used for humans.  I am currently writing a wellness book for humans. Please ask if interested or watch our website for its planned release in 2014.  More books forthcoming.   My book can ship worldwide.  See more on my website.

 I am also a conference speaker and own Fir Meadow LLC, a human and creature herbal products & consulting business. We have truly all natural skin care too!  We ship anywhere US or Canada.  I am able to offer many products at discount and cover the human and animal body from head to toe, inside and out. Order from our website under the shopping tab.  We are not an MLM.  I will never bother you to 'sign up' or sell products.

I also practice face reading which is another method of physical wellness assessment.

I've been and am a lifelong horse, pet, poultry and livestock owner as well as working with a lifelong interest in gardening and working with medicinal plants.

Email is the very best way to get ahold of me. I do not check my facebook on a daily basis. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.  Our office hours are Monday to Friday afternoons.  We are closed all holidays.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good....    

also see the facebook page for my book The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal