Cécile Gehlé



London, United Kingdom

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Phone: +447772361757
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I'm French and I've been living in the UK for eight years.

I've been passionate about Quantum-Touch ever since I discovered it. I studied NLP and Reiki before, but I've never been that impressed and amazed about a healing technique until I experienced the power of Quantum-Touch.

It is so simple an yet so powerful ! There are really NO words to describe it: you have to Experience it !

I've helped lots of people losing weight with Quantum Touch, it is my "speciality", but of course I can help you with any physical or emotional problem you may have. I work mainly online through Skype or by phone, and my schedule is quite flexible . Can't wait to meet you and share with you the power of Quantum-Touch!




Skype: cecile.el.bayoumy