Jenny Ngo, RN, MSN, CNM

Fluent in Vietnamese
Global Quantum Healing


Distance Sessions & Charlotte-Metro Area , North Carolina, 28070, United States
Jenny Thao Ngo, RN, MSN, CNM, Transformational Energy Healer/Catalyst, Transformational Coach, Energy Intuitive, and Entity Clearing specialist collaborates with her God Healing Team to quickly and painlessly release countless negative energies. 

Specializing in her own unique healing modality, Quantum Dimensional Healing transmutes negative energy attachments including dimensional attachments at lightning speed, eliminating energetic blockages, imbalances, and misalignments in all bodies, generations, and dimensions to quickly assist you into your clarity, inspired new vision of wellness and happiness.

Jenny simultaneously embarked on her spiritual path and her energy healing work in her mid-20s. After becoming a Reiki Master she continued working as an RN and a Certified Nurse Midwife for the next 12 years. In addition she has studied many energy healing modalities such as Quantum-Touch, the Emotion-Code, etc.

Jenny’s commitment to fulfill her passion supporting global alignment and harmony is achieved daily in supporting and transmuting trauma, pain, suffering and dis-ease into wholeness and wellness with countless individuals she aligns with the Quantum Dimensional Healing Technique.

Her God Team comprised of infinite celestial beings enable her to achieve phenomenal results in her energetic healing work in person sessions, remotely, and MP3s/MP4s delivering powerful results immediately to individuals just like you. 

The results that Jenny’s clients receive allow them to be clear, re-ignite their passions, love themselves, find true value in their worth and their self confidence, and further feel safe- free from harm, supported and loved, pain relief and improvements of their health conditions, connecting to the abundance flow, and having more loving, fulfilling, and harmonious relationships in their lives.