Gwen Channer ***Modern Psychology & Quantum Touch Practitioner***

Quantum Touch Life Force Energy Healing & Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Available for in-person and distant sessions world-wide

Quantum Touch & Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Effective, Gentle, Healing Support for All Health Issues, Stress, Emotional and Physical Pain.

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My journey to Quantum-Touch started when as a mother of 4 young children, living a fair distance from the nearest town, I was regularly challenged with minor and some major accidents and the occasional illness that I had to deal with myself.  This combined with my own innate reluctance to visit "the doctor" led me to search for, research, study and apply many healing approaches including, Homeopathy, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Life Coaching, CranioSacral, Herbs, Nutrition, personal and spiritual development, etc.

However, it was not until I discovered Quantum-Touch that I knew I had found the most wonderful, effective, non-invasive, healing way of helping others and myself.

I am now dedicated to practicing Quantum-Touch professionally and to spreading the message that this is available to us all, we can all learn how to do this.

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P.S. Over the years I have been very fortunate in successfully raising my children, independently from any medical support to become healthy, active, strong, confident individuals.