Débora Uemara da Costa


Rua Itapeva, 164
Bela Vista, São Paulo, Brazil

Contact Information

Phone: 5511949695203

I have been using TQ in all my therapies but mostly a distance healing  and the results has been fantastic. Thanks to Richard Gordon and Bia de Oliveira for sharing and blessing us with this wonderful  technique.

 Training in: Mathematics (University of São Judas Tadeu), Buildings (FATEC), English (USA), Quantum Touch Level I and II and Self Created Health (Bia de Oliveira), 13 Octave Lahochi (Jeanette St.Germain-Boere and Linda Dilon ), Reiki (I, II, III and Master),   ,Florais de Lara, Bach Flower, Bach Flower with Astrology and Chromotherapy  (Sandra Baptista), Dowsing and Radionics and Crystal Essences of Oz (Dr. Osvaldo Coimbra), Magnetic Dowsing (Orivaldo Scaldelai), Aromatherapy( A and B), Crystals (Angélica Lisanty and Aurora Reis), Phing de Lux (I), Imara Reiki (Giorgos Mylonas), Chakras E Aura, LOI KROK Thailand School (Facial Massage, Oil Massage, Foot Massage, Reflexology , Thai massage and Rue Sri  Dat Ton Yoga). Therapy of Hot Stones and  Lypossage  (Ala Szerman) ,  Iridology and Craniopuncture ( Cristiano TC Pinto) , Chinese Osteopathy (Dr. Alfredo AR Silva), Psychosomatic Shiatsu (Marcos Osaki), Runes (Miriam Carvalho), Lenormand Tarot (Márcio Fortuna), Tarot (Nilton Scutz),  Numerology (Ilda Carvalho) , Orgonite  and several workshop ...