Dr. Renzo Pareja, CD.


Lima, Peru

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Phone: +051 999666917

English and Spanish 


Dr. Renzo Pareja is a Dentist graduated from the San Marcos University of Lima in 1991 and has been practicing as orthodontist in Lima and other cities since then. He knew the Quantum Touch technique in 2006 reading the book by Richard Gordon; and since then, he used the technique to solve minor health problems in his family, patients and friends, until he made his certification courses with Yvonne Gomez-Restrepo and Robert Marty.

"I was always interested in the issue of energy healing and when I read the book by Richard Gordon, found a powerful but simple tool that confirms our true energetic essence and shows us our unlimited potential; as well as reveal us a fantastic non-invasive therapeutic technique easy to learn with I wish could help many people who are exhausting their options with traditional medicine. I hope to help many people"


He participates in a Quantum Touch Healing Circle in Lima and permanently investigates and studies ways to incorporate advances and innovations into his practice, for the maximum healing of his clients.


Dr. Renzo Pareja offers its services and organizes lectures and demonstrations regularly in the city of Lima and other cities in Peru and Latin America. Distance healing sessions are available worldwide.